Friday, October 8, 2010

Do you dread going to the Dentist?

I went to the dentist yesterday. Ever since I was a kid, I dread going to the dentist. I often think I would rather be giving birth than go to the dentist.....crazy! Does anyone else feel such uneasiness about dental appointments??

Anyway, I lived. I have a very gentle dentist. He very kindly says what needs to be done to fix my mouth. He doesn't make me feel guilty for not doing something sooner.....I have felt that way in a dentist office. In fact I clearly remember crying my eyes out on the way home because I felt my dentist was insisting on work needed which cost more money than we had in our checking AND savings at the time. Those were tough days.

I do need a root canal, gum surgery to build it up (never had that done before) and a crown. Yikes! I am sorely missing my dental insurance. But I  remind myself of the trade off....a life without the intense, stressful job I was a slave to for too many years.

I am NOT looking forward to this but I do not want to live in pain, which would surely be in a not too distant future, if I ignore this.  Breath in.....Breath out.......

Have a Great Day! (it's another bright sunny day in PA!)


Kat said...

I've had more dental "stuff" this year than ever. 3 dental implants and a sinus lift...all because a tooth supporting an old bridge went bad. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Hate it!


Musicaljean said...

I think all the dental work without Novocaine I had done as a child are the reason I dread dental work so bad.

The dental work I had done in January was a complete disaster, and I'm just putting it all on the back burner for now because it makes me so mad.

Theresa said...

I would rather have a pap smear than go to the dentist:) I hate to go and I usually cancel the appt at least once! Enjoy your weekend! HUGS!

Barb said...

I'm not fond of dentists either and the worst part is the cost just for a routine check-up. I put it off way too long but if there isn't a problem it is really easy to ignore. I'm sure you will survive and I hope all the problems will be fixed quickly.


I had 3 oral surgeries this past year (The "sinus lift" the most extensive." ) What a weird thing. Anyway, I did really well. I always spoil myself and prepare the house to be all clean and welcoming. Stock some favorite snacks and movies and come home and enjoy a rest.

Doris, have you ever tried nitrous oxide. I am a big fan. It makes the appoitment go by really fast. You are awake enought to talk to the dentist. It more than takes the edge off for me. Love the stuff for any major work.

Paying . . . the bill . . . that is the worst of all.


Janet Oberholtzer said...

During my childhood I did not have a good dentist, so I dreaded going for years, but in my 20's I found a great, kind, nice, excellent dentist, so I don't mind going now.
Which is a good thing, because I've spent endless hours in his chair and enough money to take a year-long trip around the world. (maybe not quite, but it sure feels that way!)
I have had root canals, gum surgery, crowns, bridges, implants, etc!! Some of my teeth problems stem from genetics, some from eating too much sugar as a kid and not brushing well enough and some recent ones are from effects of the accident :(

Right now all my teeth/gum issues are taken care of and I'm so thankful for no mouth pain!
And you are so right thinking breathe in, breathe out ... that's how you will get to the other side of your pain ... hope it's soon!

Toni said...

Last Wednesday night we were eating dinner and I thought there was a little piece of bone in the meatball... Not bone but part of my tooth! Not really surprised as it was just a shell that had been filled ages ago. Soooo, crown for me next week and hopefully no root canal before that is placed. Xanax works wonders for me before a procedure like that. But I'd rather go to the dentist than the doctors. Hate, hate, hate having my BP taken. Always worried that it will be up and it is because I'm worried it will be up -- a vicious circle. Call me crazy!!!