Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's birthday time again!

Twenty-one years ago. How can it be 21 years ago?

On that day, I went to the hospital to give birth. Things were moving along very fast. The nurse took me from the ER to the maternity floor in an elevator full of hospital visitors. She announced to everyone that I was going to give birth to twins. I remember how stunned people were. Some gave their congrats; but mostly I thought they just wanted to get out of there!

Back up a few days before this brother and his wife stopped in to see us. I hadn't been going anywhere except to the hospital for the weekly non-stress tests. Not because I couldn't, it was just  too uncomfortable! I remember my brother walking into the living room as I was getting up from the sofa where I was resting. He let out an - Oh. My. Word! He had not seen me for awhile. I was huge!

 Now, back to the day they were born...... I wanted to give birth in a room set up like a bedroom. But I was not allowed. The Doctor wanted me to deliver in the delivery room just in case there were complications. There weren't any but oh well. Gina had staked her claim to be born first at 12:01. Not long after that the Dr. said it's time to do it all over again. Greta was born at 12:13. Gina Kate weighed 6lbs 3 oz. and Greta Mae 7lbs. 7oz. Big for twins. But the day they were born was their due date! I was going to have them whether labor started naturally or not. Labor started early that morning and they wasted no time getting here! We have some pictures of Dale and I talking on the phone about an hour after they were born. It's amazing how good I look for having just given birth to 2 babies. But I did feel wonderful!

 I wish we had a photo scanner. We have so many pictures of our twin baby girls. They were so different right from the start. We never had a hard time telling them apart.

I nursed both babies. I remember wondering if I would ever be able sleep again. When one was sleeping, the other was hungry! We accepted help with meals, childcare and even cleaning. I had a friend that gave a gift of cleaning for 6 months after the girls were born. What an awesome gift!

Our girls grew up. They played community soccer. Greta started playing trumpet, joined marching and jazz bands. Gina studied culinary. Greta took part in HS musicals and plays.

My sweet babies grew and are now sweet young adults. Gina moved more than 2 hours away to be near her finance Joe. Greta is a second year college student and lives at home. She will be a wonderful elementary teacher some day. Greta and Lynn have been dating news on a wedding  - yet!

I won't see Gina today. That makes me sad. But we talk on the phone or text each other and talk on FB almost every day, sometimes several times a day. Greta has a class then I will meet her at the mall to do some shopping.

Enjoy some  pictures of my girls..... taken since I got my digital camera.

Not sure which birthday this is.

For her senior project, Greta wrote a play for the kids at church.

Gina holding her new niece, Paityn.
Gina was with me at the hospital as Paityn was being born.
A very special memory!

Greta on Christmas morning 2005

Greta playing her trumpet at church

Gina (in the green shirt) singing with the youth group at church.

Gina at her HS Grad party.
She's with Joe, the man she will marry next year.

Oh how Greta loved those shoes!
Ready for a Homecoming Dance

Gina with her puppy Shiloh

Greta and Lynn - 2007

Gina checking out something on my computer

Greta and Paityn

Happy 21st Birthday
to my wonderful twin daughters,
Gina and Greta!
You provided us with many wonderful memories through the years.
What a gift you are to all of us!
I thank God that he chose me to be your Mama!


Musicaljean said...

My favorite memories of the twins are our beach/camping vacation together and the times your family would hang out at our place when they were toddlers. Who could forget them playing on those corner steps, vying for attention, singing "happy happy happy", hahahaha!! Another good memory is the time we took the twins along to Mary Ellen's wedding in Virginia. They had a lot of fun with Ray!

Theresa said...

Sweetness times two! They are gorgeous and I can tell they are just precious!

Happy Happy Birthday to your gorgeous 21 year old twins!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Birthdays are more special for moms!!!

Lorraine said...

Wow; just catching up on some back reading. I remember when the twins were born - we were part of the same home group then. Seems like so long ago. They were beautiful babies and they are still beautiful all grown up! Your family picture is the Fahnestock family that I remember!