Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Fun Sunday

Our Saturday was so busy. So, Sunday morning I felt really sloooow. Got up and had my coffee, of course, read the newspaper then decided it was time to get moving! I put my contacts in and something didn't seem right. Thought I must have dropped the right one when I went to put it in. But, no it was there..... I had them in the wrong eyes! Hate when that happens =) Just as we were really needing to leave for church, we could not find Ellen's good shoes ANYWHERE! I looked and looked for them.....she ended up deciding to change into school clothes and wear her sneakers! I hate when that happens too =/

Church was awesome as usual. Our pastor challenged us with a message on priorities. Then it was to Dale's Mother and sister's house for a fun day with the Fahnestock's. Dale's brother and his wife from Maine are spending some days in PA. Whenever we have a Fahnestock get together, you are sure to have plenty of delicious food to eat. Oh the desserts! Sooooo good! Nancy made 2 batches of homemade ice cream. It's been awhile since we had it and was out of this world good!

After everyone went home, the siblings and wives/husband sat with Mother and had a good time talking and laughing till after 10. We enjoyed hearing stories about our BIL's corn picking crew. (at least I think that's what he's doing....Hubby isn't home to ask if that's correct!) We learned that if you drink warm Mountain Dew you will be awake and going for 3 2 days =) (Hubby corrected me...but I guess I had the corn picking correct, haha!)

So now it's Monday. A rainy Monday. I have lots of dirty clothes to wash, a sink full of dirty dishes (ugh) and plenty of areas in this house needing attention. It has been 4 months since I walked away from employment and I haven't had time to be bored yet!

Oh, and by the way.....Ellen informed me last night (when she should have been in bed and sleeping) that she found her shoes in a Kohl's bag in her old bedroom. Why were they in a bag?? Why were they in that room??  I do not have a clue.........

Happy Monday!


Theresa said...

Don't cha just love days like that? Add in some homemade ice cream and stories... perfect!

It is rainy here too and I am thankful for it! It has been soooooo dry!

Enjoy your day and happy Ellen found her shoes:) Hugs!

Musicaljean said...

Homemade ice cream. Wow. I haven't had that in a long time and it sounds so yummy.

glad you had a good time with Dale's family.