Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cheering and Chuck E Cheeses

   We had a busy Saturday. Ellen cheered at the challenger football game this morning...... came home for a shower and change.....then off to her favorite place for some fun with family and friends.....

 The pictures will do the talking. Pardon the quality....cell phone camera =/

Who wants a touch down?
We want a touch down!


Ellen's birthday was several weeks ago.
We really wanted to have a birthday party for her
but couldn't find a date to suit till today!
 Ellen LOVES Chuck E Cheeses and had a blast!

Ellen and her friend Ashley

Ashley and Brittney

Nicole and Elizabeth

A favorite game.
Brittney got lots of tickets!

Andrew's gonna play another game of basketball

Would Ellen want any other cake but chocolate?!!

Nicole knew what Ellen loves.....
PB cups!!

PopPop makes certain that Zoe has some fun too.
Riding the Ye-Haw (Aidan's name for a horse!)

Aidan and his Daddy bop some Quack-Quacks

Paityn stays close to Mommy when Chuck E Cheese is near by

Crowning the Birthday Girl

Lighting the candles on the chocolate chocolate cake!

Ellen gives it all she got!

Everyone loved the cake....especially the birthday girl!
Notice the ice cream flavor she chose....chocolate, of course!

Looks like Aidan is loving the cake too....

Silly Nana, of course I'm loving it!

Nicole and Ellen pose for another pic

Ellen wasn't sure about this thing...
the Ticket Blaster

Grabbing all the tickets she can as they fly all around her!
She got over 500 points from this thing!

Thanks, Chuck E Cheeses, for a good good time!


Theresa said...

Oh what a fun time at one of my favorite places:) Sweet Ellen sure looks happy with all of that chocolate cake and icecream AND her sweet friends!

MOST precious picture of Aidan with the caption Silly Nana... OMG what a cutiepie!

Enjoy your day my friend, uh I think you already did:)

Happy Birthday again Ellen!


Musicaljean said...

What a great day for Ellen. And such wonderful pictures to remember it by.

I agree, that picture of Aiden is just waaaay too cute!!


Personally, I was happy when my Chuck E Cheese days were over :).


MOLLYE said...

What a sweet happy family! Thanks so much for your visit today and so happy to have a "new" friend. Hugs, I adore Theresa too!