Monday, August 16, 2010

More pictures of the beach vacation

The House

The front of the house.

Hallway to the back door which leads to the back of the house
A large bedroom/bath to the left,
two bedrooms to the right that shared a hall bathroom

The large bedroom on the ground level

Kim vacuuming the hallway to the front door

Let's head up to the second level

Spacious open living!
Living room with kitchen in the background

Big glass doors surround the room on two sides

Dining room
There were also two very large comfy chairs in this room that made Dale look small.
They were that big! Greta loved them and wanted to bring one home with us.
Now I ask myself, why I didn't turn around and take a picture of those chairs?!

This was a favorite eating spot,
had lovely views of the bay.

We loved this kitchen!

This small family room was at the front of the house behind the kitchen.
I dubbed it as the 'nursing room'.
Baby Zoe ate in here!

Another little comfy room next to the family room.
I read in here sometimes.

We are now on the third floor.
On this floor there were four bedroom, each with their own bathroom.

This is the bedroom that Dale and I used.
Ellen used an air bed that just fit in the corner next to the dresser.
Our bathroom included a wonderful jetted tub!
The double doors led to another favorite spot....

The top deck!
All the adults loved this spot, especially the ladies!
All four bedrooms had access to the deck.

And this was the view.
It was quiet, peaceful, serene.
Absolutely heavenly!

I tried to take some pictures of the back of the house.
Not the easiest task because there was water not too far away!

The nice patio to the water.
There was a spot for a boat but we didn't have one!

We leave....

Christy and Zoe are ready to roll!

Corey is in!

Aidan and Ellen are ready!
We had the van stuffed with stuff!

And we are off....
(must we leave?)

But first we stop for lunch at Grotto Pizza in Dewey Beach.
This is a tradition!

We ate 5 large pizza's then went on our way to PA.
Cheese, extreme pepperoni, margarita, Alfredo chicken, buffalo chicken
Grotto is the best!!
Another wonderful vacation had come to an end.
Memories are sweet!

A funny thing happened on the way home....
I was reading. I heard Corey say,
Mom, does this bother you?
I looked up....
This is what I found right by my nose!
I cracked up!

He was a good son and put his foot where it belonged again =)

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Barb said...

I love the house. I believe I would want to stay a bit longer too. Great picture of Corey's foot. What a guy!