Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Good Week comes to an End

You look forward to it for so long. Then in a flash it's all over.

So our vacation has gone. We had such a good time being together. It wasn't always perfect. We are a normal family, whatever that means. Right now we have one 2 and one almost 3 year old. They love each other, sometimes! They also fight like sibs although they are cousins. This house has high ceilings and tile floors. Know what that means? Loud....squeals and screams as well as laughter and conversations. But we still had fun. Lots of fun.

The house is beautiful. And big. It had a few quirks. A shower control that didn't work at all, a shower control that was hard to figure out how to turn on and off and didn't produce very hot water, very squeaky doors, an elevator that as I write is giving Marcy some problems (the elevator gives Marcy freedom to travel to each floor, it's why we rent a house with one), lights in several showers that didn't work......most of the stuff was minor. Lynn fixed the shower controls. Corey reset the elevator.(Marcy said it still didn't work like it should) Corey oiled their bedroom door so it didn't wake their kids. I'm sure the shower lights only need a bulb.....we didn't check.

The house is for sale. Would you like to buy it? I wish we could. It's only $1,379,999. Something like that. It was listed for $1.5.

We now are packing up our stuff. We need to be out by 11. It's back home to reality. For most of our group that means back to work on Monday.

Good-by beach. We look forward to next year!

Ellen stays where it's calm

Scott is ready for those waves!

It was windy on Friday

Paityn and her Daddy have some fun in the sand

Life Guards were not letting people out very far because of the rough waves

Ellen and Dale get their feet wet

Sunrise over the bay.

We will miss this place.
But I feel really blessed to be able to spend a week with my kids and grandchildren.
Well, almost all of them.

Right now some are sleeping, some are preparing for bed, some are playing Rock Band, some are watching TV.

It'll be a mad rush to get it all packed up in the morning. We will go somewhere for lunch, maybe Grotto's, then head back to PA.

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