Monday, August 2, 2010

Another wonderful week-end is history

It was a wonderful week-end and I didn't take one picture! I'll tell you about it while I sip my breakfast smoothie. =)) I added a pear to it this morning and I'm liking that.

On Saturday morning Dale and I helped my sister Jean and her hubby Dick load the moving truck and their pick-up truck with all the stuff they were moving to their new house in State College. The stacking and packing went really fast....there was just the right amount of willing helpers. Today they settle on their SC house and unload the truck.....I really wish I was up there to help!

Sunday we went to church and participated in the fellowship meal that happens each first Sunday of the month. I made a taco chili that was spicy and yummy. It was really easy to make. I have a quart left which I will freeze to take to the beach. I also made a fruit salad. I brought some of that home as well. We will not have a problem finishing it up.....Ellen loves fruit salad.

Our Sunday always includes the  family coming here. Gina and Joe were able to join us. It's always so wonderful when they can. They came to Lancaster County on Saturday evening to attend a demolition derby at the Buck with Joe's Dad.

Everyone was here except Kim. She was going to come after an Open House she had to staff but a bad headache kept her at home. She thought she may bring the new puppy with her. Gina was looking forward to that. Oh well, we will meet Mason another time. We ordered pizza and a chicken breast salad from Two Cousin's for dinner. We have not done that in forever. There was a time that Paityn thought the Fahnestock family get together and pizza was one and the same! While we were together we made plans for food and travel for the beach vacation which is fast approaching. Yeah!

So, this week will be focusing on prep for the vacation. We leave on Sunday morning for Fenwick Island, Delaware. The house we rented is not on the beach (can't afford that luxury) but it is on the bay. We will have balconies to sit on and will see water. I'm fine with that. I want to bake some cookies and maybe some muffins to take. Even though I will keep my little ones on Thursday and Friday it feels so much less stressful preparing for a week away this year. What a difference walking away from a full-time plus job makes!

The smoothie is I need to get moving. A busy week it will be. But the relaxing that will follow will be well worth it!

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