Friday, July 30, 2010

Aidan is an artist

Yesterday I had charge of my two little ones. Keeping them is certainly a highlight of my week. Anyway, I know Aidan likes to color and I had this big piece of cardboard that was part of a package I got this week. (the package will be the subject of another post!) I asked Aidan if he wanted to draw....of course he did! I got out the crayons but soon thought that markers would be a better choice for this project =) I went on a hunt for some markers, preferably the washable variety. I found some.

Aidan, the artist, went to work.

Aidan working on his masterpiece

Finished, time to put the markers away

Nana, look......

I love this part of clean-up, Nana!

So much fun!

Little boys need some extra help to make them taller.
His Daddy used this method last week and Aidan did not forget!

Such a big boy....makes his Nana's heart melt.

Now for some pictures from last week......

Zoe loves her brother!

Christy found this bouncy toy at a yard sale. It's exactly like the one that was Paityn's which Aidan used and now Zoe uses at her house. This one was marked at $10, which Christy would have paid......but Christy is always after a  bargain. She offered $5 and it was accepted =)
 Now Zoe can have some fun at Nana's house too!

Where did my brother go?


Oops, I forgot......

Check out Aidan's 'cool dude' hair!!
Aidan got a hair cut. The gal who cut his hair asked if he wanted colored hair gel. Aidan said "Blue".
He got the blue!

Nana should have taken the nucker!
Aidan would have given it up....all Nana needed to do was ask =)


Janet Oberholtzer said...

Hi Doris,
They are both adorable. I love the masterpiece Aidan made.
Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. So sorry to hear about your daughter's injuries and needed lifestyle changes.
And I'm sorry for the pain/adjustments/changes you've had to go through because of it - I do think it's hard for a mother to see a child go through a trauma - I know it was/is hard for my mom.

btw ... I'm in the process of switching over to a new website, so the next time you visit me, it might be a new site.

Barb said...

The kids are so adorable!! So glad you have more time to enjoy them.

fahnmamma said...

thanks.....they do tend to make me turn into a bowl of jelly =) I must confess that I had no idea how one could love Grandkids so much. It is just the BEST, this grandparenting thing =)(love the teens just as much as the littles)