Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A surprise dinner invitation

Corey called around 4p today. He wondered if we had plans for dinner. I had a chicken in the crock pot and wondered what he had in mind. They needed to pick up Christy's car at the garage in Manheim and were inviting us to join them at Twin Kiss for dinner....their treat. How nice! I told Corey the chicken can wait till Thursday. (that's when I cook for him and the kids because Christy will be at work) Soooo Dale and Ellen had burgers and fries, I had a sub, Corey had a fish and chips dinner and Christy had a fried chicken dinner that she shared with Aidan. Of course, you can't go to Twin Kiss with out having........

Ice Cream!!!
Aidan is certainly enjoying his!

Christy enjoying a Root Beer Float
Corey has a Chocolate Milkshake

Dale just finished a choc/van swirl cone
Ellen had a choc/van swirl in a dish
(isn't Ellen's haircut cute?)

I take the pictures so there are never any of me...
I'm ok with that =)
Zoe was there too. She watched her PopPop
 eat every french fry.
 It was sooo cute!

The children entertained several older people
 who were eating there.
And, Aidan was in awe of a State Trooper who
came to eat at Twin Kiss too.

What a fun evening. Thanks, Corey and Christy,
 for blessing us in this way!

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