Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to my First Born

July 22, 1975, early in the morning, I gave birth to our first child Kimberly Rose. She was 2 weeks overdue, a long wait for a first time Mom! I thought I was going to be pregnant f.o.r.e.v.e.r! She weighed 8lbs. and was 18" long. We were in love with her at first sight. Because Dale has really dark eyes and dark brown hair (well, had!) and I have brown eyes and had brown hair (it changes from time to time, haha), I always imagined our children with brown eyes and brown hair too. Kim [who for a few days was called Kimberly because I insisted on it, but in no time her Daddy started calling her Kimmy and it stuck till she became a teenager] surprised us by having beautiful Blue Eyes and Blond Hair! She was always a petite girl, our only child to not get taller than her Mom.

Today Kim is a wife to Manny,  step-Mom to Laurencia and Mom to Andrew. She has worked at Boscov's, a department store, since her high school days. She recently studied to become a Real Estate Agent. We are soooo proud of her! Besides being a valued employee, she is one terrific Mom and loves that hubby of hers too. She is a great cook. Kim has a little city veggie garden where she grows tomatoes, several kinds of peppers and some cucumbers. Her Grandpa, who lives in heaven, must be so proud =) Dad was quite the gardener.

Happy Birthday, Kim!

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