Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Sneakers

Remember these?

June 23 -
Made the trek to Sketchers, Tanger Outlet
Buy one, get one half off.....nice! We need 2 pairs.
Purchased the shoes on the left (for Ellen's left foot)
Ordered a pair to be shipped (for Ellen's right foot)
June 28 -
Pair on the right arrived
Oops, wasn't the one we ordered!
Called the store, was their mistake, will send out the
 correct pair, I will return the wrong shoes
June 29 -
Returned the wrong shoes
Correct pair should be on their way
Was given several 25% off coupons, nice.
July 2 -
No Shoes
July 6 -
I know there was a holiday in there, but we should have received the shoes
July 7 -
Called the store to let them know the shoes have not arrived yet                                
Manager said she would call the store that was sending them
Thought maybe the Holiday had delayed them.
Manager called me with a tracking #
I checked the tracking #...they were delivered to our front door on....June 28!
Houston, we have a problem!
I called again to inform the manager the tracking # was for the shoes I returned the week before.
The manager from the sending store was on vacation
The poor guy that was who was trying to figure this out also had a District manager in the store (stress!)
I didn't hear the phone ring (I was giving the house a good clean that day)
I checked the message....
The shoes are on their way (I guess they were forgotten, overlooked...whatever)
Instead of  $39.95, they were charging me half price...$19.97. Nice!
July 9 -
Shoes arrived at our door! The correct ones!
But I wasn't charged $19.97.
They were $17.50

Ellen got Sketchers sneakers for $37.47. Rare, indeed!
Sometimes the frustration, even when experiencing others mistakes, is worth it =)

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