Monday, July 12, 2010

Fun, Fahn Times!

Another fun family week-end is behind us.......

Saturday -

We went to Mary Ellen's house to see my nephew Eric Brubaker from Idaho and his girlfriend Jolene Nice from PA, Souderton area. They met on line some time ago. She had visited Eric's home a few months ago and this was Eric's first time to meet her family. She is a delightful young lady. We had a wonderful time visiting with both of them.
 Jolene and Eric

Ellen and Dale

We then went home to rest and wait for Aidan and Zoe to arrive. Corey and Christy were going out to eat by themselves. Aidan and I watched a movie, MVP, about a chimp that plays ice hockey while Zoe took a nap on PopPop.

Sunday -

After church the gang came to hang =) Gina and Joe were here today, wonderful! Kim had to work so she joined us after that. After lunch the Phillie's fans had to watch the game. Then...

What is everyone looking at??

Mario cart Wii game. Four people!!
(Thanks to Gina and Joe for bringing it!)

Hi, Zoe! She looks comfortable!

Later we moved to the deck for fresh fruit and Ice Cream.

Marcy enjoying their new chair like the one I got Dale for Father's Day

Zoe hangs with Daddy

Gina and Joe

Daddy, I want this one and Aidan wants that one! (Paityn's words, exactly!)

Kim says, Yum....

Ellen loves her brother...especially when he can get her some Ice Cream!

Fun with Mom.....

Fun with sticks....



Fun swinging.....

Back into the house to dance...

Slow dancing.....(how cute is that?!!)

Yoga poses!


Before going home, Zoe blessed us with lots of hearty giggles....oh so delightful!
(This picture was taken before the giggles began) 

Another  wonderful week-end....we are, indeed, blessed!

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Barb said...

I am so enjoying your posts and all the pictures. It is so nice that you have more time to enjoy life.