Thursday, July 1, 2010

An evening with the Barnstormers

Last evening we went to a baseball game .....the Barnstormers at the beautiful Clipper Stadium in Lancaster.
It was a gorgeous evening to be outdoors.
Dale's sister Nancy can get free tickets from her work. She and her friend Janet were using 2 of them and she offered us the other 2. I decided to look on-line to see if a  seat would be available near them. Sure enough, the rest of the row was empty! I bought one.

Here is Ellen showing the booklet given as we came into the park.
It's a thumbs up event for her!

Looking across the ballpark

Who are!!

Oh, they are part of a game between innings.

The winner....of what, I'm not sure!!
They were having a lot of fun.

The highlight of this team, for Ellen, is the mascot Cylo.
Here he is taunting the other team.
Ellen just laughed and laughed!

Ellen got a chance for picture taking  with Cylo.
That made her day!

Thanks, Nancy, for the great evening  =)

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