Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Good Day

This morning I spent almost 2 hours with former co-worker Elsie Mast. The day I interviewed her for an assistant position about 2 years ago, I knew we were kindred spirits. I often told her that it was a happy day when she accepted the job offer. Elsie has lived in many places, done many different jobs and raised a wonderful family.

She contacted me by email a few weeks ago and we set up a time to meet. I went to her home. What a lovely home! It's located near Rt.501 but you would never know it in her development. It was so quiet! Not something we experience around here!! She said her house was in great disrepair when they bought it (1992, I think), had not been occupied for several months and was filled with stuff left by the previous owners. They have done a wonderful job making it into a welcoming residence.

We chatted, shared about where we are in our journey we call life and encouraged each other. At least I was encouraged! Elsie is one special lady!

From there I went to Park City to pick up my two sweet little ones so their Mommy could work. Zoe is sleeping now but not very soundly. She really fights it. Today she also seems really hungry. I hope I don't run out of bottles! Aidan is taking a nap. He is a good sleeper. He asked to take a nap.....what child does that?!!

I got a meatloaf and baked potatoes ready for the oven while Ellen entertained Zoe. I wasn't sure how I was going to get that done since Zoe seems to be happiest when held. I was very thankful for her help. Corey called and decided that he wouldn't come for supper. He will go home to get some things done before worship practice at church. He will come for the children after that.

Well the meatloaf smells wonderful, Dale just got home, Aidan is now up from his nap (I changed stinky diaper #2 for him ) and Zoe is crying to be held.........

*I forgot to say that Elsie is also making do with an outdated kitchen as I am. She said that each time she makes a meal for guests she prays that the old cook top will not go out on her. It is so old there aren't parts for it. Her kitchen may be outdated but it still spoke warmth to me. Warm and welcoming....Elsie and her home!

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