Monday, June 28, 2010

Another fun Sunday....with a sad event

Yesterday was a full, fun day. Gina and Joe came to spend it with us. Ellen had her last baseball game at 3. It was a very hot afternoon so they played 2 innings rather than 3. Thank God for the big trees that provided shade for the spectators! After the game, her coach handed out awards. Ellen got the Spirit Award. Someone brought a tub of  Rita's Ice....yummy!! What a wonderful treat for a hot afternoon. We all came back to the house to enjoy the air conditioning, eat again, talk, laugh and play a game. Scott is always prepared with games! Gina and Joe left before 7 to head back to Montouresville. Before they left, Joe got a call from Wendy's to see if he would come in early to open on Monday morning. He said no.....he is to start later in the morning. That's why they were able to come yesterday. It's hard to take a trip 2 plus hours from home when you work till 1a before you go. We really appreciate your sacrifice, Joe, to come and spend time with us! He said he always gets calls on his days off. They are really working short with managers. Everyone left soon after 9 and PopPop and Nana crashed! I was so tired. I don't know why.....I got a decent nights sleep on Saturday night.

It was a very good day but with a sad event. When we came home from church we realized that Taz, our cat, was most likely seeing his last day. He had been sick several weeks ago and recovered. But the last 2 days he didn't eat. He was drinking. Saturday evening before I went to bed, he was laying on the living room sofa. I usually make him leave the room and close the door but decided to let him enjoy the wonderful sofa. I'm so glad I left him sleep on it one last time. He found a favorite spot in a cornor of the living room to spend his last hours. It was out of the way of the fuss but we could check on him and let him know we cared. I'm glad he didn't suffer too was killing me and Ellen. Dale gave him a final resting spot somewhere behind the barn without having the little ones take notice. Ellen and I are ok. She realized he was old and wasn't going to recover. She said at least he didn't have cancer........ We will miss him. Greta asked if we can now get a dog =) No! No! No! Dogs are too much work. A cat basically takes care of themselves.  No more pets! I know, I said that after Alex died too. But this time I mean it ; )

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Barb said...

I am so sorry. I know how it is to get attached to a pet. I too am glad he didn't suffer long.