Sunday, June 20, 2021

Plants, and more

 Blogging seems to have taken a back seat these finding the last seat in the last row in a crowded room 😀 I keep trying to do better. Not succeeding! Sigh. I'll highlight some of our activities since the last time I posted and promise not to load a bunch of pictures along with it.

Remember this plant?

And how I was nervous that I'd kill it??

Look at it now!

I cannot take all the credit for it looking so good.
The leaves were getting yellow and I just could not keep it from getting dry.
Really thought we were going to lose it.
Then hubby said maybe it needs repotted.
He did that and it's thriving once again!
And look, it has TWO blooms!

This is something my son and husband (and I) love.

When Greta came over with the boys about 2 weeks ago
she brought some tea from her garden.
She does not like it and can't even stand the smell of it!
I have an old Iced tea brewer and went right to work, after I looked for all the parts
since I've not used it in forever, Brewed a jar of good 
meadow tea...that's what it's called in these parts 😊

How does our 'garden' grow??

The tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers are growing!
I'm eating that pepper now and it's yummy.
The pepper was already there when I bought the plant.
Will be awhile till we get more.
Everything seems healthy so far!


Zoe helped make zucchini bread this week.
It's yummy!!

We had pancakes for dinner this week...
they love them!
Also made a strawberry syrup, add some whip,

Last Sunday Ellen and I attended a memorial honoring her friend
Elizabeth who passed away in March 2020.
It was an honor to be there.
Her family had displays with tons of pictures, scrapbooks, t shirts, mementos,
 paintings that Elizabeth did,
and even some colorful sneakers that Elizabeth always loved to wear!

Orange was her favorite color...
the orange heart in the memory garden is from one that Elizabeth made.
We each were given a heart sticker to take home with us.
I placed Ellen's on her mirror in her bedroom.
A treasure to remember our sweet friend!

Friends that we have not been with in over a year...
our hearts could hardly contain our joy!!

We miss Elizabeth so much.
This event has helped our Ellen
 (and her friends and we moms too)
get some closure.

If you would, please say a prayer for Elizabeth's parents, sister,
and extended family. 

Now, in closing,
the test results I was waiting for finally came.

The bandage on my neck was due to a needle biopsy 
of a nodule found on my thyroid.
That procedure was not pleasant!!

My daughter, Kim, sent me an e-gift card for a coffee...
so appreciated, as you can see!

After a long wait, the results revealed that the nodule is benign!!

I am praising God first, relieved too.

Also my eyes checked out ok too. 

Good health is nothing to take for granted.
I'm thankful for today and desire to make the best of it!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

A pic from the archives =)

My husband, Pop Pop, reading to two baby granddaughters
who are now beautiful young girls.
So good to look back though, isn't it? 


Mari said...

Looks like you have been busy, but a good busy! Glad you could go the the memorial, although sad, it's a good closure for all. The orange hearts are a sweet remembrance.
So thankful for your good report!
Cute pic our your hubby and the girls - wonderful memories!

Jean said...

That meadow tea!!!! I would love to have a glassful with ice right now!

I really need to put some of my indoor plants in bigger pots soon. Yours looks amazing!!

I just love that everyone could be together for the memorial for Elizabeth.

And you know that I am rejoicing over your test results!!!

Laurel Wood said...

Thank you for sharing your good health news. I am thanking God for answered prayers.
I remember Elizabeth fondly and am thankful you could all be together to honor her. It must be so heartbreaking for her family.
Your plant and veggies and the tea look good!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Glad to read the good news about the test results, Doris. It was heartwarming to read about Elizabeth's memorial and how her friends and their families came together to remember this young lady. Your veggie plants look good and soon you will be showing us tomatoes.

Theresa said...

My BLOG is also not top priority lately. I keep trying to do better but not doing too good, just posting when I can:) Love seeing all of the pictures and I will surely pray for this grieving family. Prayers help the heart, mine has needed it so much over this past year. I am thankful that your test results came back with good news. Thankful!!!! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!