Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's June!

Welcome to the month of June!

What a busy week. Lots happening everyday around here......

  • Ellen got her new glasses!

We enjoyed some Sweet Frog frozen yogurt =)

  • Yesterday a sweet teen friend, Corrie, took pictures of Ellen here at home. She offered to take pictures to raise  money for her training with YWAM in Australia this summer. Corrie is super gifted in taking portraits. We are excited to see them! While taking the pictures Corrie's mom, Heather, and I relaxed on the deck. It was so good to spend time with her! Thanks for coming, Corrie and Heather!
  • I was a bit anxious in the morning wondering if it would be dry enough for the girls to wander around our property to get any good shots. The skies did clear, things dried and it ended up kinda hot.....a complete switch from what we had been experiencing!! Here's some pictures from my wanderings in the morning......
I found out that this is a Tulip Poplar. 
This is a first for us....must have been victim to the cold
 winter and spring the previous two years.
It's so pretty!

Our mini roses are blooming!

Pots are planted!

It ended up being the prettiest of days!
Welcome, sunshine! How I missed you!

  • We are trying to grow some sun loving things =)

We gave Aidan some marigold seeds in his Easter basket.
He started them with Pop Pop's help.
Now they are in their summer home
 located in this new deck railing planter!

Also planted here are some yellow and white petunias
that Ellen picked out at the greenhouse.

Hoping for the best!

Also trying some herbs.
Kids are excited about this!

Pop Pop is planting some tomatoes 
that Zoe started from seeds from her Easter basket.

Yay, for tomato sandwiches and BLT's!

  • Ellen had baseball game on Sunday.

Another chilly Sunday game in May!!

  • I have a phone appointment with the SS office this morning for Ellen. These things make me nervous but it usually goes ok. Always glad when it's over!!
  • Laundry to do, Noah duty and taking Ellen to work is also on my agenda today.
  • Yes it's June! Can you believe it?? School ends next week. Did this year ever go fast. Beach time coming up this month too. Can't wait!
Time to get my day in gear. Mornings have a way of disappearing if I'm not careful =) 

Enjoy your day....looks like another sunny one for us.


Theresa said...

It has been raining a lot here but the sun came out yesterday:) I was SO happy to see some sunshine and Marc got the grass cut, with all the rain... it really needed a trim! LOVE Ellen's glasses, she is SO cute! Enjoy your day, the pretty flowers and hopefully the sunshine! HUGS!

Mildred said...

I love Ellen's glasses! Can't wait to see her new photos. How fun to be planning a trip this month. I love your shady yard. Your front door area is very welcoming and pretty. Best wishes with all the seedlings! I love bacon and tomato sandwiches! said...

Ellen's glasses look great. Your flowers are so pretty, especially the rose. I have several pots of marigolds, and I planted them from seeds, but they have blooms on them. So exciting. Cant wait to see the pictures of Ellen when done. I also love your blue front door! Have a great Thursday.

Mari said...

I can't believe it's June already! I like Ellens glasses. Can't wait to see the pictures!

Jean said...

Good for you starting plants from seed! I have tried that a few times, but never successfully. I hope you get some nice flowers and herbs from those seeds.

Your place is so lovely - especially in the sunshine!! Woohoo!