Monday, May 1, 2017

The Great Outdoors

We've had some pretty days, warmer weather, some rain and more kind of weather!

The warmth and more sunny days is bringing out the azalea and bleeding heart blooms.

Spring is a really beautiful time 
in our neighborhood!

Noah and I had some fun outdoors this morning.

He loves playing outdoors!
(we avoided the back yard due to a strong skunk smell, yuck!)

I can easily get him back indoors again when I tell him he can do this....

He loves washing his hands!!

Yesterday was Ellen's first baseball game with Little League Challenger Baseball. Kids with all kinds of challengers get to belong to a team and participate in this great sport.

She had three great hits!

After the game the players were given a coupon
 for free ice cream at McD's 
which was right across the street from the fields. 

Ellen was OK with that =)

It's the beginning of a new week....a new month, too! How can it possibly be May already? Time needs to s.l.o.w down. 

God bless your day!

7 comments: said...

You are right, the rain seemed to make everything prettier and greener. Your yard is so pretty and springy! Hope Ellen enjoys the baseball and Mr. Noah is a cutie for sure.

Karen said...

The yard is just beautiful! Both Ellen and Noah look like they are having lots of fun. Happy May Day to you.

Mildred said...

Happy May! Tell Ellen I am proud of her baseball hits. I had a McD's ice cream cone this afternoon, too. So sorry about the skunk smell. Your front yard is so pretty this Spring. Noah is adorable. Have a good evening. Are you watching The Voice now?

Theresa said...

Oh how beautiful! Love your SPRINGY yard! Washing hands is a good thing to love:) Have a blessed rest of May 1st! GO ELLEN! HUGS!

Mary Ellen said...

Your pictures are life giving! I love spring and sweet Noah. He is really growing. And how great that Ellen gets to play ball again. Good for her.

Your neighborhood is soo beautiful. I need to come see it before it is all gone. Spring flowers just don't last long enough. MEW

Mari said...

Your yard is so pretty! Noah - so cute!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

The yard blooms look lovely. Congrats to Ellen on her hits and Noah looks like he's a great helper in the yard!