Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Signs of Spring

Trying another post from my tablet.

First, we are having the best weather. Monday was not quite as warm as today.....or should I say as hot! Without leaves on the trees the sun can feel pretty hot. All that to say I cleaned the porch =)

It's so much better now!

We ate dinner out there two evenings in a row......
Love it!

Saturday morning Aidan had a grand idea to make his hair look like a unicorn. I CRACKED up when he came to say Hi......

(couldn't load the I gave up.
It's now Wednesday and I'm using the laptop)

Not one boy 
but two!!

Too funny!!

Sunday was the Fahnestock Easter dinner at Aunt Nancy's house. I love hearing my Grands express excitement about gong there just as my children did as they were growing up. Of course when my children were young their Grandma and Grandpa were there too. Great Aunt Nancy is like a Grandma to our Grands and they love it! 

This is the only picture I took...

 Kids enjoying a game.
Three are my Grands, one is the son of a niece.
Love it!

I am loving the signs of spring in our yard.

Love Love Love

I see Green!!
The poor hydrangea is trying again for the third time this year. 

Spring on our front porch =)

This sweet boy was not feeling well on Monday. 
Yesterday he was better and we spent time outdoors kicking and throwing balls.

Taking a rest.

This girl was not feeling well yesterday. I was so happy she agreed to sit on the porch in the afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Thankfully she's much better today.

Enjoying my lunch today where I enjoy it most!

I have a hair appointment this afternoon then I eat dinner with the Basement Girls (friends I had worked with). I love both of hair grows fast and I'm feeling a desperate need of a trim and the Basement Girls don't get together enough! 

This week is racing towards Sunday, Easter day. I'm planning on preparing a dinner for my family.  Love it!


Kathy said...

Isn't this weather glorious? My yard is overgrown and I don't have any of the lovely flowers you do. Yours is so pretty! Can't wait until my daffodils come up. said...

I always enjoy coming here to visit and play catch up with you and yours. So glad we are seeing green, and flowers again, and can sit outside. Praying all the sick are much better, and you will have a Happy Easter.

Mari said...

It's looking just beautiful over there!
That unicorn hair just cracks me up. Very creative!
Hope everyone else stays healthy!

Jean said...

Wow, your Spring pics are awesome!! I want to take pics of my flowers, but our grass is so long and shaggy. Dick needs to stay home long enough to mow it sometime, LOL!

Those boys with their unicorn hair - so cute!!!!

Theresa said...

The signs of Spring are making me smile too! Hope those not feeling well are better today! Enjoy dinner on the porch, the fresh air and beautiful flowers! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Dinner on your porch would be lovely! So glad it is warm now and your flowers are so pretty. Love your front entrance too. Nice to see the children. I hope everyone there feels better now. I wish you all a nice Easter filled with love.