Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Party for a Special 7 year old!

Yesterday was a busy day with Ellen. First to York to see a doctor, a regularly scheduled appointment for her. The doc was way behind schedule so we waited about 1 1/2 hrs. He apologized but it wasn't something he could help.....two difficult cases ahead of us. I teased him that I bet he was happy to see Ellen on the schedule because we never have issues =)  We also shopped in several stores, had lunch at Issac's (where they apparently changed the GF bread to something that I think is tasteless, makes me so sad!), got her picture taken for her PA ID, and looked for a new coat. No luck on the coat. We did find one she liked at Kohl's but it wasn't on a good enough sale and no extra discounts were available for that day. I guess I'll check back on Friday when there will be extra $$ off.....hope it's still there.

Back to the focus of this post, Zoe's Birthday party.....

Sunday afternoon family and friends came to a party at our house. Zoe was so excited to be 7!

We picked at good snacks, visited and children played.

Time to open gifts!

All eyes on Zoe!

Carson kept on playing =)

Zoe got a lot of books to read and 
activity books and stickers to keep her busy for a long time!

Cute dress!
She wore it to school the next day.

People watching.....

 Carson finds more toys to play with =)

Go Carson!!

Inside the cute bag to hold her Bible and Awana book
are new tights =)

What little girl doesn't love jewelry?!!

She read every card!

A year of Highlights from Nana and PopPop!

Why is brother hanging out at the top of the stairs??

Because a special gift was up there!

A guitar! 
She really wanted a guitar!

Happy 7 year old indeed!

Time for cake....

Happy Birthday to you!

Licking icing off the candles and the Furbies!!

Cake and ice cream!

Everyone was enjoying dessert.....

 Carson was still playing!!
When he comes to this house, 
it's to 
play with toys!

What a fun party for a very sweet 7 Year old. I asked Zoe if she had a good time at her party and she gave me a very enthusiastic, YES!!

We are having storms today. Right now it's not storming and I think I should get out there and get the few errands finished that I was hoping to......before the next round.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

7 comments: said...

I miss those sweet parties, and it looks like Zoe was a very happy little girl. Everyone else enjoyed watching her and sharing cake and ice cream.

Karen said...

What a beautiful party for Zoe!

Mari said...

It looks like a great party, and everyone seemed to be having fun (especially Zoe!)

Mildred said...

Hi Doris, So sweet that Zoe read her cards. She will love the guitar! Nice to see everyone gathered together for her special day. Glad Ellen is doing well and I hope the coat she liked is still there on Fri.
We had thunderstorms last night. Love you.

Theresa said...

What a fun time! I love it when people read the cards:) Enjoy your day dear Doris, hope the storms have passed on by! HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Belated birthday wishes to Zoe and looks like a fun time with great gifts too, especially the guitar.

Jean said...

I think I missed this post last week. Zoe is such a sweetheart. How fun to watch her receive gifts!

I'm curious - do you have a table in the family room and in the kitchen now? Or had you moved the table to the family room?