Monday, January 9, 2017

This and That

It's cold here in PA just as it is in many parts of our country. Snow is still on the ground.....this is how it looked on Friday morning. 

I needed to go away that morning and was a bit anxious about the roads. They were fine and I didn't have any problems. Whew! (I'm a very timid Winter driver) 

Here's a few pictures of my sweet Grand Noah.
"I'm Singing in the Rain...."
Or maybe he's just playing with his sister's umbrella :)

Today another Grand, Brinley, is here to play with him. 
So many new toys to play with since Christmas!

Saturday we ate dinner with my PA sibs at a restaurant neighboring a farm where we lived as kids. We had such a good time being together, as always. I hope our chatter and laughter didn't bother other folks eating in that small dining room. 
Guys at one end and girls at the other....better that way for conversations that most interested the guys and the gals =))

After eating we all went to visit Grandma Mary and sing for her. It was short and very sweet! 

Yesterday after helping sing on the worship team at church, it was my Sunday to staff the Littles Nursery. It happened to be only my Grands who joined me this Sunday. We had a good time, of course. 

The rest of our Sunday was spent with our Fahnestock family at Aunt Nancy's. It's always a good time, good food, good snacks, good everything!

Nancy so graciously buys gifts for the kids. Here are my Grands opening their gifts. 

While most of the focus was on gift opening......
This young man seized the opportunity to  grab a goodie =)

I forgot to take photos off my phone so it filled up and I couldn't take any more :(
I will be looking to purchase a camera. If you have a good point and shoot type camera you'd like to recommend, I'm all ears!

God Bless you on this very cold Monday. Stay warm!


Linda Eller said...

You have such a wonderful big family and it is fun to see all the activities. You have to be the most patient woman on the planet to be able to take care of all those little ones all the time. I applaud you.

Mildred said...

Looks like so much fun to get together with family. I'm thankful you had safe travel this morning. I was somewhat apprehensive about being out early, also.
Take care and enjoy the evening.

Mari said...

I always enjoy your family get-togethers, and I love your relationship with Grandma Mary! Your Christmas gathering looks like everyone had fun too. Noah is so cute!

Jean said...

It really was so fun to eat together on Saturday. I guess we were pretty loud sometimes!

My camera has many more capabilities than point and shoot, but I have not really learned how to do more than that! The thing I love most about mine (besides the fact that it takes really good pictures) is that I can wirelessly transfer my pictures to my phone.

Karen said...

Awesome smiles!

Kathy said...

I was going to head out your way on Saturday, but was afraid of the snow. You aren't the only timid winter driver. As it turns out we had more snow here in Philly than you did out there. Our streets are still ice covered. But with the warmer temperatures I am hoping that is all done with in a few days. Now we are scheduled to go out there on the 22nd.

Your grands are all so cute and I can tell you just love being with all of them.

My camera is a Canon PowerShot A2500 and I just love it. It is a point and shoot, easy to use, but has some great features also. I have had it for years and still am discovering all it can do. It's inexpensive to use too which is a big plus.

Theresa said...

Oh what wonderful pictures! Looks like you are keeping busy as always:) SNOW, I can't drive in it... thankfully we don't have it very often! Love that family dinner, nothing better than being with siblings! Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

More fun and family time for sure, Doris. It's always wonderful to see the photos your share of your get togethers and celebrations and the new year is starting off with quite a few for you! As for camera recommendations, there are a lot of small point and shoot digital camera. I prefer ones made by Canon and pat is a Nikon fan.