Monday, December 5, 2016

My Heart is Bursting!

As you know, I'm in LOVE with my family! Yesterday I was blessed beyond measure.

Four of my grandchildren did the Advent reading at church. Aidan and Paityn read the scripture and devotional, Zoe lit the candle, Brinley hung the ornament. I was one proud Nana!

Oh my, I'm so in love with these kids!

Zoe was having trouble with the lighter....

Mommy to the rescue =)

Noah going to see what's up....he wants to be part of it too :)


Brinley hangs the ornament. 

The Jesse tree with the first ornament. 

Also yesterday in church I was blessed by Zoe and Brinley joining me for worship in singing. I held Zoe and Brinley sat next to me. Both girls were singing and I was BLESSED!!

Later in the day.....

Sugar cookie baking with the Grandchildren!! This is my favorite Christmas activity. Once again, they went to town putting those toppings on the cookies before baking!

Brinley gets the 'The Most Topping' award, hahaha! Aunt Kimmy helps her before the pan goes into the oven. 

Crazy boy!!

And here is the results of all that creativity! The kids had a great time. Some cookies went home with them, some are going into the freezer for Christmas Day. 

Carson loved this toy and was so sad when it was time to go home....he didn't want to stop playing!
But we all got our hugs from him as he said this boy!!

What a day! I was very tired at the end of it but it was a very good tired......slept good and now I must get moving on with my Monday. It's another busy week and I can't fall behind! Besides, the mounds of boxes that are sitting around is driving me crazy. Must get the decorating finalized and those boxes outta here. 

God Bless your Monday! Merry Christmas!



Mildred said...

What precious pictures. God bless you all! xoxo

Jean Stauffer said...

Warm fuzzies all the way through!

Linda Eller said...

What a very special day you had and thankful for grands....they do bless us and light up our lives.

Kathy said...

Such a precious moment in the church service. Your heart must have been bursting. Your grandchildren are such a blessing to you. I lit the advent candle in church yesterday and I had trouble too!

Those cookies look delicious. I love sugar cookies. Yum!

Karen said...

A very special day for your family!

Mary Ellen said...

I loved all the photos! Your grandchildren are so special. What a fun day for all of you.

Theresa said...

What a blessing indeed! I smiled through the entire post:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Mari said...

Such special times and memories being made! Glad you got the pictures of them!