Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas Dinner with the Kids and Grands

We said we would eat at 4 but it was after 5 until we gathered around the table. It was fine....no reason to rush!

Again, I'll let the pictures tell the story. 

So thankful for a living room connected to our dining room.  And a table with many leaves!! 
We had the same menu as it's been for many years....chicken cordon bleu, sour cream mashed potatoes, baked corn....
This year Christy made a sweet potato casserole that is so yummy. It's a keeper!

My recipe cards are showing some wear! 

My family says they would be sorely disappointed if we didn't have these two plus the corn at our Christmas dinner, so I guess I'll keep making it!

After dinner it was time for gifts. We started with the gifts to the Grands from Nana and Pop Pop.

Carson with a barn for his animals
Noah gets help from Mommy (it's a fire engine)
 Brinley loves her Princess sleeping bag!
Paityn checks out one of the two craft sets,
Aidan shows off the racer kit he found on the internet when we were looking for ideas
Zoe loves her new portfolio!
Andrew got money and gift cards....but I didn't get a picture :(

Kim got her baby sister a gift because she is so generous and she knows Ellen loves to open gifts :)
You think Ellen was thrilled?!! 

The children exchanged names. The aldults did not this year....we decided to bless others instead. 

Brin had Noah's name and was super excited to give it to him! (And help him open it, too!)

Paityn had Carson's name and got him a cool play leaf blower....but Carson loved Noah's gift. Noah was more thrilled with Carson's gift!! Too funny! It was all good later :)

Brin opening her gift from Zoe...it was a Puppy surprise. 
Aidan's gift from Noah....he had seen this gift and was told it was for Paityn....mommy said she had to tell a little white lie for that oops ;-) 
Zoe got some cute clothes from Carson. And nail polish. 

Aidan had Paityn's name and wrapped the gift in many boxes....
Box after box, wrapping paper and duct tape....a Lego set! 

We took a break to eat dessert....I didn't get a picture of the dessert table. 

Next, Now you have it, Now you don't, game. Always fun, always lots of laughs!  I was calling numbers so no pictures taken.

After everyone had claimed a gift, we open them. Laughs erupt again!
I knew what was in the gift that Kim got, I put it together. Had to grab my phone....

An iPad, er, make that an Eye Pad note pad :)
Yay, leftovers....half a bag of leftover Easter candy!
Trump candy hair....too funny!

Andrew got the purple gift that I put together...a purple cosmetics bag, dark chocolate m&m's in a purple bag, purple snack napkins.... :)

Aidan opened a container of water balloons that squirted at him!! That had Scott written all over it for sure :)

We had so much fun. We always do. 

Good memories made, that's important!


Mildred said...

Great fun photos! Love your family and feel like I know each member personally. Looks like a lot of good food and lots of laughs. Wishes for a happy new year with love.

Linda Eller said...

Love your traditions and seems you had such good food and lots of fun for everyone. You are definitely blessed.

Kathy said...

That sounds like a fun Christmas! Loved seeing all of the pictures.