Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Baltimore, here we come!

After church on Sunday Dale and I packed up our bags, typed the address of our hotel into the GPS, and we were off to the big city. Traffic wasn't too heavy until we neared the city and came upon an accident. Moving three or four lanes of vehicles into 1 or 2 creates a mess.

Lord Baltimore Hotel is an old hotel and very beautiful.

Comfortable room!

 The gal who checked us in was so delighted with our tale of this little getaway Christmas gift that she clapped her hands and nearly did a dance =) 

We were hungry and decided to check out the bakery at the hotel. They had sandwiches and salads, perfect. Good coffee, too. Cutest little shop!

The lobby had theme trees which were part of a contest. So very interesting!

My favorite!

Loved the shoes!

The Grand Prize was a little creepy!

The concert was just a half block from the hotel. We got all dressed up and arrived 45 minutes before the start. The stage was beautiful!

Before long those seats were filled.

We shared a very large bag of popcorn.

The concert starts! Pictures are cellphone and not very good, unfortunately.

Michael W Smith and Amy Grant

 Finally, the one I came to hear....Jordan Smith, winner of The Voice!

"You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch"
He is amazing!!

O Holy Night
Before this song we were standing and singing a few Christmas Carols.
The first notes started and I heard many around me draw a breath,
I know I did too.
We knew what was coming.
 Obviously, I was not the only one waiting for him to sing that song.
We were on Holy ground. I didn't want the night to end!

What a blessed night. What a perfect gift!!

The night is beautiful....
very noisy but beautiful.
Cars bumping over something in the street,
 constant car horns, sirens galore....
We were not in the country!
Changing it up is good for country folk once in awhile!

Next post.....Monday at Inner Harbor. 


Jean Stauffer said...

I love it all!!!!

Theresa said...

What a beautiful trip to the city:) Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!