Monday, October 24, 2016

Feels like a Lazy Monday

It may feel like a lazy Monday, but will it be?? I doubt it! I'll be running after my Busy Boy when his mommy goes to work soon.

Here's some pictures that made me chuckle.....

He cracks me think he's seen Nana at this very spot doing what he's doing?? I sit there every morning to read the newspaper and drink my coffee :)

He then picked up his brother's book, sat on the doorstep to read :)

It's looking like Fall more and more...

This view was distracting me as I was trying to clean on Saturday. I love all the big windows in this house. 

Yesterday we went to see our granddaughter, Paityn, play soccer. It was a VERY windy day! And cold. 

Love this girl!

Look at Brinley's hair!! That's how windy it was! 

This morning I had to chuckle at this cartoon. 

 I can't stay awake for SNL but I heard it's been very funny. I didn't watch all the debates either, and fell asleep before the last one was over! 

Hope your Monday is going smoothly. Maybe you can make it a lazy Monday ;-)


Theresa said...

I plan on the rest of my Monday being lazy:) The first part wasn't! Enjoy your little sidekick, he is adorable reading the newspaper! FALL has arrived here in the South too:) I am enjoying it, leggings and boots for me today:) HUGS!

Mildred said...

So cute of Noah reading the paper! I hope you were finished reading it! lol
You have some beautiful large windows to enjoy the lovely scenery around your home. I notice we have a lot of leaves collecting in the corners of the decks! Watching The Voice later tonight.

Linda Eller said...

I love lazy days, which seem to be few and far between lately. The leaves are finally turning colors and it is much cooler. God bless.

Karen said...

Those pics were so cute. He is watching your every move!! The girls look like they are having a great time in spite of the cool windy weather. Enjoy a few quiet 'lazy' moments when you can!

Mari said...

Cute pictures! Those little ones are always watching.
I love your windows. I have a big one in my living room and this time of year the yellow shines in off the leaves.
Glad you had a relaxing Monday!

Kathy said...

Your grandson is so adorable. Just goes to show that kids are always watching us, even when we think they aren't. Love the view from your window. No wonder you were distracted. Hope you enjoyed your Monday and have a great rest of the week.