Monday, October 17, 2016

Busy Boy, Awards and Friends, Family

It's been a busy few days. I'll give you a peek through some we go!


Winter is going to be a hard season for him!

Saturday -
Awards banquet for UDS Flag Football and Cheering. 

A big screen to show the kids in action. Ellen and her friend, Nicole, smile for the camera! At our table, Ellen and Sarenah; Marissa and Bri. 

Ellen getting her award. She is so proud of this piece of paper! 
I must give a shoutout, again, to the Donegal Middle and High School cheerleaders and coaches. Every Saturday morning from the first Saturday in August till mid October, these girls (those that can) and and a coach or two come to cheer with our special girls. It's a tremendous commitment for them. And we appreciate it tremendously!! 

This year included a penny challenge as a fund raiser. Our girls won!! 
Each team had a container to collect pennies. Any other coin or paper bill put into the container canceled out any pennies collected. I think, in total, over $400 was raised for this amazing program =)

Each year I fight tears as I see these kids celebrate their accomplishments. We love United Disabilities Services for providing this opportunity for our kids! 

Sunday -
Of course it was church first, then lunch, then family. Not just our kids and grands this day.....

We went to Grandma Mary's home to see
my sister, Barb, and her hubby, John, from Idaho!

Precious Grandma Mary and sil, Nancy. 

Sisters, Mary Ellen and Barb. 

The ladies visited in the living room and the men in the sun porch. That way the tractor and cow talk wasn't conflicting with the health and family conversations, haha! 

After a delicious supper we went outdoors for some pictures. Nancy with her amazing camera....always willing and ready to snap a few!

Siblings- Mary Ellen, me, Barb, Dick. 
How we missed the rest of the Witmer sibs!! 

Nancy set the timer on her camera and snapped a group shot. 

What a special time. Spending time with Barb and John is rare....besides the distance, they are busy dairy farmers and John is on several committees for which he needs to travel for meetings. This time it was a meeting in the D. C. area. This location is close enough to Lancaster County to pay visits to family. Love that!!

Our family was at our daughter Marcy's home so we stopped in there to get our family fix for the week =) love them, love being with them! 

So now it's Monday, another Busy Boy day for me. It's beautiful this morning and we took a walk. 

He just relaxes while I do the work! 

Pretty, pretty Fall day! 

Oh, I almost forgot.....
As we passed my brothers house on our way home last evening, I snapped this picture of the sky. (Nancy posts the best sky pictures which she takes from home)

Pretty, yes?  
It is, but this pic doesn't capture the real beauty. Not even close. 

Here's a picture she posted last evening....

Now that's what it really looked like!! Amazing.

God bless your Monday!


Anonymous said...

Doris, I enjoy your blog & have a question as to who is Grandma Mary's seamstress. Would it be appropriate for you to have her contact me by email @ Then I'll give her my phone # if that would be preferable for discussing this with her. Thanks so much. Take good care of your littlest charge! ;-)

Mildred said...

Noah is so cute. I think the first word that Karen's children spoke was "outside!" Yes, winter will be hard to this busy boy.
I enjoyed your family photos. Congrats to Ellen and her friends.
You have a lovely area to walk and push Noah in the stroller. Hope you had time to enjoy your porch this aft.

Mari said...

You've been very busy! The awards banquet looks like a special time. I'm so glad Ellen get to have these opportunities and enjoys them so. I always like hearing about your family gatherings. I kind of feel like I know them.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's always nice, Doris, to read and see photos of your family events. Congrats to Ellen and everyone else on their achievements. It looks like you and Noah are enjoying the fall weather as we are here. Great that you and your siblings were able to get together.

Theresa said...

What a sweet collection on memories! Love the picture of Grandma Mary:) I know it is a blessing to visit with her and your siblings! Ellen's smile melts my heart! Enjoy your day with that busy little one, I know he keeps you moving! HUGS!