Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Super-Packed Weekend

It was super-packed and super fun, too! I'll show you some pictures, of course I will. (smile)

First, a picture from the first day of school which was last Thursday.

These two are all ready for school!
Grands, Aidan and Zoe
Looks like the older one is almost too cool for school =)

Our super busy weekend started on Friday evening. We decided to take Ellen out to eat for her birthday on Friday because it wouldn't have suited on Saturday which was her birthday. We took her to the Jigger Shop in Mt. Gretna.  Ellen had never been there before. They are famous for their ice cream specialties and serve food as well. It was a beautiful evening and the place was packed!!

Waaayyyy up there is the counter to order....
looong lines!!

Our birthday girl =)

Kim joined us for dinner and ice cream and Corey and Christy and their kids joined us for ice cream.

Yummy ice cream!!

Saturday -

Our birthday girl got to do what she loves most on her birthday....Cheering, of course!

She loves Cheering!

She loves being with her friends!

Ellen opened a small gift... her big one had not yet arrived. She was fine with that (whew!)

 Cinderella movie.
We went to see that movie and she loved it so much.
I wanted to get the DVD for her last Christmas but I couldn't find it in any store....not sure why.
Was so happy to see it at Target recently....snatched that one up for a special girl on her special day!

Oh how this girl loves the color orange....and orange soda!
Gina saw this shirt at Cracker Barrel recently. 
We knew who would love it...I think she was correct!

Saturday evening was a community event at our church....an Ice Cream social!
Perfect for our birthday girl who loves ice cream!!

Marcy and Scott had a wedding to attend so I picked up their girls and they came with us to the social. Oh what fun we all had!

Bouncy Castle Fun!!

The slide out of the castle was loads of fun too!!

Of course, we ate ice cream!

Ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles for Brin!

Sunday - 

Sunday was another birthday! We gathered at Paityn's home to celebrate her turning 9. We ate a delicious meal, the kids played while the adults took their good old time (that's what the kids think!) then it was time for gifts!

We got her four books. 
The one in she is showing is one she really wanted......
didn't know that but happy it was a book I thought she would like!
She also received several outfits, some crafts and games.
All things this 9 year old loves.

Cake time!

Mommy lights the candles,
we sing,
Paityn blows!
Time to eat cake and ice cream!

They are enjoying the treat!

This girl, too!

Couldn't help adding these two pictures....
This is the new parents to be the night before Paityn was born.
Ellen wanted to go to ChuckEChreese for her birthday.
These two brave people decided to go for it 
even when they knew their lives were changing in a big way the next day!!

There they are, the new family of three!

 Bear with me, I'm almost finished with this post. God bless you if you made it this far!!

This morning the UPS truck stopped in front of our house. Ellen happened to be in the living room and saw it. This was NOT going as planned! Oh well. (Was hoping it would come when she was downstairs in her bedroom. I could hide it till she was at work. Then I'd have someone hook it up for her as a surprise when she came home, Those plans went south!)

She checks what came......

Checks it out.....

I think she's pleased!

That's all for today, folks. Happy Tuesday to you!


Mari said...

You have had a full weekend! Looks like a lot of fun celebrations! Happy Birthday to Ellen and Paityn!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Ellen and a great school year to your precious grandkids.

Theresa said...

WOW, that WAS a busy weekend:) LOVE that smile on Ellen's face with her B'day celebrations! Such a cute first day of School picture:) Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!

Mildred said...

Lots of birthdays and ice cream! Looks like Ellen got some wonderful gifts. I know she is happy! I enjoyed all the pictures.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

yes, I did make it to the end, Lois. And what a photo0filled post it was and nice to see all the family fun, birthdays and ice cream enjoyment too. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Ellen!