Monday, August 15, 2016

My Day

This morning I looked at my blog list and realized that I am WAY behind in reading. WAY behind. A lot of life has happen the last few days so I'll just give you a glimpse this morning.....before life kicks into full speed this fine Monday!

Last week I worked at cleaning, putting stuff away, dusting dusty surfaces, washing outdoor furniture, etc etc. Why? Well, for the most part, because it was needed! But having invited some friends over was a great motivator. Love how that works :)

There is this group of friends that get together to play games and eat and talk...of course!! (It often doesn't suit me so it's rare that I join them) We used to all go to the same church (the church I still go to). They had expressed interest in coming to my house one evening to enjoy my beloved porch. Friday was the day it was to be. So I did all the cleaning and scrubbing I mentioned earlier. It was as hot as anything for several days.....90's and high humidity. Friday was extremely hot. I fretted some when a heavy rainstorm came through. 

My porch was ready but the rain was blowing in! I moved the chairs from the corners to the middle in hopes we wouldn't get wet seats :)  All was well....ithe rain ended, the heat and humidity continued, the ceiling fan was turned on high, 6 ladies came, we ate delicious food and talked and laughed and it was wonderful!! No pictures because I was enjoying it too much to remember to take pictures.

Saturday morning Ellen started her favorite activity of her year....UDS Challenger Cheering! 

Doing cheers at halftime. 

They cheer for UDS Challenger flag football. These kids all face many challenges in life whether physical or intellectual and more. It's a fabulous activity and I'm so thankful that Ellen gets to do what she loves!

Two games (four football teams) because there are so many kids that love football! 

Players and a volunteer helper. 

After the game I took Ellen for something to eat, came home, Ellen got ready for work, took her, made a stop on the way home to purchase a needed item, came home to enjoy the cool house. It was a scorcher of a day! After I picked up Ellen at work we stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream. That was a really  good treat on a really hot day :) 

Sunday I was helping sing at church so I needed to be there early. Church was wonderful as usual. I didn't have time to make my usual morning smoothie so I was hungry after church! To Twin Kiss we went in our hometown of Manheim. Love that place! We, Dale, Ellen and I, enjoyed a good lunch and some good soft serve ice cream too. As we were finishing up our Greta and her family and our Marcy's family (minus Marcy who stayed home to rest) came to eat also. Love how our family also loves this little Manheim business :)

I came home to rest and read and relax. Later the kids and their kids came and we had our usual Sunday gathering here. It's never well planned....we just FB message what we have and can bring to eat. It always ends up being more than enough! Last evening the special item was corn on the cob from Greta and Lynn's garden. It was the last of their corn and it was yummy! The kids played and the adults talked and laughed and enjoyed time together, as usual. I love my family!!

Also on Sunday, this little man decided that it's time to become a toddler. He's been walking while holding onto furniture or someone's finger....but if you tried to let go of him, he'd flop on the floor and fuss.  He just took off yesterday and kept on demonstrating that he's a pro all of a sudden.....

He's having the time of his life!! 
He does sudden turns and is practically running already. The fun continues to get "funner"! Love him!

So now it's Monday. I've had my coffee, had my smoothie. I've taken Gina to work. Grands, Paityn and Brinly, are here......
They love a dance party!

They are here because their mother (our Marcy) has a Dr. Appointment.


Yes, we are going to be Grandparents to Grand # 10! (That's including our 1 Great Grand) We are thrilled! Baby Smith is due the end of January. 

Later today Christy has to work (I'll be taking care of the kiddos), Ellen has to be taken to work, I'll pick up Gina, and make dinner (not sure what that will be yet). Toddler Noah will keep me on the run for sure!

By evening I'll be too tired to watch the Olympics. I've watched too little and will probably regret it. But, right now I'm sleeping good at night which helps me cope with busy days. That's a blessing and even the Olympics will not mess with it! 

Life is good. It's certainly not perfect but I wouldn't have it any other way!! 

God Bless your day!


Linda Eller said...

I dont know how you keep up with who and when! Family is everything to me as well, so I understand the happiness. So nice to visit with friends, talking, laughing, etc. Sounds like all is well in your world for now. Happy Monday!

Mildred said...

Congrats on the baby news! Wow, you have been busy. I loved seeing the photos. Ellen and her friends look great lined up for their cheers. Your grands are growing tall and how cute that they love to dance. Hope you have another restful night. xo

Theresa said...

Wow, I thought I had been busy:). Nothing gets me moving like company coming. A toddler learning to walk can keep you busy too. Go Ellen. I know how much she enjoys cheering. Have a blessed evening dear Doris, HUGS.

Mari said...

You sure have been busy! I think it keeps you young. :)
Congrats on #10! That's wonderul news!