Sunday, August 21, 2016

Busy Boy!!

 It was my Sunday to serve in the nursery at church. At our church the chilldren can stay with their parents during the service if they wish. But if a restless little one needs a break, we do have a staffed nursery. Sometimes the room is full and sometimes, like this morning, it's only a few. The only children that came were my grandchildren! Zoe is too old to be there but she wanted to help. That was fine with me.

Noah was into everything!!


He had to climb!

He wanted to help :)

He wanted to try the chairs. 

He had to see what the girls were up to!

We kinda made a mess ;-)

Never fear, we cleaned it up :)

That was my morning. 
How was yours?


Linda Eller said...

What a blessing! They are all 3 so cute and knowing them made it a little easier for you too.

Mildred said...

He is a hand full! So busy! They are all adorable and looks like they have a very nice, safe place to stay busy. Rain here today and taking it a little easy. xoxo

Mari said...

He is going to keep you going! It was nice that your kids could enjoy the service this morning, knowing that Grandma was watching and all was well!

White Lace and Promises said...

What a cool nursery! Any of the older kids would want to "help." Maybe I'd even want to "help." They are both so adorable!