Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Sweet Little Boy has a Birthday

This boy had his second birthday on Sunday!

 Precious newborn Carson!

Precious 2 yr. old Carson!!

Carson and his parents brought cake and ice cream over on Sunday to celebrate his birthday. Nana
had a gift for him to open.

because Nana loves books,
Mommy loves books,
Grandma Good loves books,
and because......

Carson loves books!!!

Mommy and Daddy brought a big gift for him to open too.

Mommy shows him where to start....

keeping at it......with Brinley's help,

What's in here?

A wooden train track and trains!
Carson loves trains!!

Time for cake, but Carson is too busy with his trains to come to the cake....
so Daddy takes it to him =)

Happy Birthday to you.....

Blow, Carson, blow!!

Yay, I did it!

Thanks for letting us celebrate with you, Carson. We love you SO much and are looking forward to all that you will learn this year. Enjoy being 2!

It's birthday month in this family....
Andrew on the 10th
Carson on the 21st

These two.....Ellen (our youngest child) will be 22 on the 27th
granddaughter Paityn will be 9 on the 28th.

Cute picture of them =)


Joanne said...

They grow up so fast. Sweet children.

Linda Eller said...

Happy Birthdays are always so much fun, and looks like Carson had a special celebration.

Mari said...

He's so cute! I love his party shirt. :)

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Carson!!! Looks like such a fun party -- with lots of help to open his presents! Fun times with an awesome family ~~~ and now getting ready for more birthdays! Have a wonderful weekend, Doris :-)

Mildred said...

Carson is growing up so fast! Love his bdy shirt! He will love playing with the train.
Happy birthday to all of those with birthdays this month. May is like that in our family!

Theresa said...

OH MY, he has grown up right before my eyes! Happy Birthday Carson! You all have lots of birthdays and celebrations ahead! Enjoy your day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Summer said...

Happy belated birthday to sweet Carson ♥