Friday, July 15, 2016


I was working on this post yesterday but deleted it when it seemed all the pictures I included disappeared. Don't know why....but was too tired to deal with it so I'm starting again this morning. 

It's another hot and humid day today. Yesterday was intense. I swept the porch and then I was done with the outdoors! So far today, with the light breeze, I'm comfortable on my porch... for now.

Pictures that reflect this season.....

•Corn on the cob! 

We had that for dinner yesterday. 


Our roses are miniature but still beautiful!

•Bugs, critters, spiders!

This moth, an Imperial, was hanging on the garage doorframe for several days. 

Spider webs everywhere!! It's a constant job to keep them gone. (Looks like I've been sleeping on the job!)


This was taken on Wednesday while waiting for Ellen to finish her exercise at Fitness 4 Focus. We had 2 inches in a short time. Some areas near us had 5! 

•Grandchildren at play!

Carson came to stay with us on Tuesday evening. Here he is in the play set tunnel with Noah.  Carson will soon be 2 years old! 

• Stroller rides!

Noah loves stroller rides!

• Icecream treats!

Ellen loves Icecream! Who doesn't, especially on a hot summer day :)

• Summer camp!

Ellen is attending Aaron's Acres camp again this year. It's a camp for special kids through age 21. This is her last year. During the afternoon they spend time doing acts of kindness for the community, retirement communities and others. Here they are painting electrical boxes along the driveway to the farmshow buildings. They also went to Danner Home in town to plant flower pots with the residents and to celebrate a resident's 101 yr. birthday! Today they will play bingo with residents at another retirement community.
 Our kids receive many services to enhance their lives, so it's important to highlight the pleasure in giving back. This is a great camp! 

Happy Summer to you! I'm wishing it would s.l.o.w down. It's passing by way too quickly. 


Linda Eller said...

So much is going on in our world, it seems no one is posting much these days. Enjoyed catching up with you and your world tho! Happy weekend!

Mari said...

It's been hot here too, but cooled off tonight. I need to enjoy it because next week it's supposed to be near 100 for most of the week!
We have spiderwebs on our house too, and they come back fast!

Theresa said...

Yes, it is summer all over the place here too! I sat out by the pool for a SHORT time last night, too hot and humid! Ellen is a joy with her sweet smile! I know she enjoys this camp! Have a blessed day dear Doris, BIG HUGS!