Saturday, June 4, 2016

Pool and S'mores Party

Ellen's friend, Elizabeth, invited the girls (and moms) to a party on Friday. What a fun time we had!!

Ellen sat on the side of the pool for much of the time. Everyone was encouraging her to get in but she thought it was too cold. So, as an incentive, I told her I'd stop for ice cream on our way home if she got in. It took her a LONG time to make up her mind....but she got into the pool! As soon as she did, the first words out of her mouth I get ice cream??
Haha! Yes, dear Ellen, you will get ice cream :)

The mamas love to talk. And we did! 

Bri's dad hung out with E's dad. Nice for both!

As it was getting dark, the girls changed back into their clothes and gathered around the fire. 

Coach T had a perfect fire going! 
(He's the baseball coach for Ellen as well as several of the other girls)

Coach T, if you ever are in need of sticks for your fire pit, you are welcome to come anytime and pick up sticks in our woods!! Wish I had thought to tell you that yesterday. 

Elizabeth (in green) hates a camera flash.....after I assured her that mine was off, she honored me with that beautiful smile. What a sweetheart!!

Yummy s'mores and roasted marshmallows, great conversations, lots of laughs! What more could you desire on a Friday outing with friends? 

We had a wonderful time....Thanks, E, for your wonderful idea.

Yes, Ellen had a snack size M&M McFlurry on the way home. Of course she did!


Linda Eller said...

What a fun time a pool party is, and glad Ellen finally risked getting in the pool...I would too, for ice cream! Happy weekend.

Jean Stauffer said...

So happy for all of you dear moms to have each others' friendship. And of course the girls too. And dads!

Mildred said...

I love seeing these friends and their moms having such fun. What a blessing you are to one another. Glad that Ellen tried the pool and that treat sounds yummy! Elizabeth's smile is gorgeous. Have a blessed Sunday.

Mari said...

What a fun afternoon and evening for all of you!

Karen said...

What a great group of friends and a perfect setting. Glad you all had such a nice time.