Monday, May 16, 2016

Sister Time Pictures

Mary Ellen and I spent Saturday and part of Sunday with our sister, Jean, who lives near State College. It was a beautiful morning when we left but became cloudy and colder as we neared our destination. Rain came after we arrived and carried all our stuff into Jean's house. Nice. Except we don't stay put very long!

Jean wanted to treat us to lunch at Sowers Cafe in State College. It was pouring by then but we had umbrellas and hoods.....rain will not stop us! 

What a neat place to eat! The food was fantastic, the surroundings beautiful and the company delightful. 

Jean's DIL and baby grandson joined us. 

There's a piano there ready to be played....after we finished eating Jean suggested we gather around the piano and sing. So we did! We sang Amazing Grace and It is Well. The staff at the cafe sang with us :) they said it made their day. 

From there we went to the mall....we like to shop. And talk :)

One of the things we love to do on this weekend is visit the Arboretum. Well, this year the weather was an issue for sure. It was sunny one moment and the next it was raining. And it was COLD!! When leaving the mall, it wasn't raining so we decided to drive to the Arboretum. But by the time we got there it was raining again.


Next on the agenda was dinner with Jean's family at a BBQ restaurant. We drove to Anthony (Jean's son) and Lori's home before eating. 

Jean and Dick visit with their son, Jeremy, who was visiting from DC. So nice that we got to be with him too :)

Austin (Anthony and Lori's son) plays basketball in the house....that has to be every little boy's dream!

Jeremy and I talk and laugh :)
 (and I check up on the world as I do that...multitasking!)

We also walked around this beautiful property. 

Blue skies at this moment!

We soon head up the mountain to a wonderful quaint restaurant chosen by Jeremy and Mike. 

The food was fantastic!! My mouth still waters just thinking about it. 

We had lots of food and we all shared :) 

We were tired by the time we arrived back to Jean's home. Usually we watch a movie and eat snacks till midnight. Not this year. We must be getting old ;-)

Jean plays the piano and directs the choir at a small UM church near their home. That service starts around 8. Then they go to another UM church where she also plays the piano and leads a worship team. She's a busy lady! An early start for all of us but we got it accomplished :)

I enjoyed one of these delicious muffins for breakfast, along with coffee of course. 
So good!

At the first church, the choir was singing the song, Oh Happy Day, and two alto members were missing. Our choir director sister suggested her visitors fill the vacancy. We did :)

There we are on the left acting like we do this every Sunday, haha! It was really awesome to join in. What a welcoming congregation. And we heard over and over how much they love our sister!

To the next church.....

We took time for coffee before the service started. 

It was really good to worship there too. Wonderful people! 

Lunch was at Jean's home with the whole gang. Dogs included :)
Molly and Watson don't mind traveling. They ride in the car in their cage. They are sweet and very friendly. (Dogs belong to Jeremy and Mike)

Soon time to say goodby.

Jeanie wanted a picture of her guests :)

All weekend, as you can clearly see, we were being completely melted by this sweet baby :)
Sweet, sweet Hunter! 

Oh the weather on Sunday....
It rained.
The sun was bright at times.
There was it really May??
It also hailed like crazy!


On the way back to good old Lancaster County, the skies cleared....

And we saw a rainbow on a mountain..
Was hard to get a good picture with my phone. Was really neat to see, though!

Now it's Monday. It's been a busy day with this little fella...

He's adorable and always on the move :)

*thanks to both Jean and Mary Ellen for some of the pictures. I didn't take very many and theirs certainly helped tell a more complete story!


Jean Stauffer said...

Great story of a wonderful weekend. Warms my heart over and over as I think about it today. I really do have great sisters and great kids, LOL!!

Mari said...

Spending time with sisters is the best! I love that you played and sang in that cafe. They were blessed to hear the Witmer girls singing.
I saw the picture of you joining in the choir on Jeans FB, and wished I could have heard it!

Theresa said...

What a wonderful time together:). Amazing Grace, perfect song for you all! Love you my friend.


Sisters, delicious food and a darling baby to hold ... perfect.


Mildred said...

Looks like a wonderful time together.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Doris, your family get-togethers are always full of warmth and shared good times. Everyone was having a great time from the photos you posted here. And nice that the rainbow followed the downpour too.