Monday, May 30, 2016

Nice Days for.....

• Leveling the dirt for the play set:

Our neighbor has a tractor which he used to move around some dirt for us. Corey and Christy purchased a used play set for the kids. They are excited to get it placed and all the slides and swings attached! Oh the fun to be had.

We have very nice neighbors!

• Baseball game:

Ellen had a baseball game Sunday afternoon. It was hot for the players. But for the spectators, we could sit under the trees and the breeze felt heavenly. 

Several games were rained out this year which makes the season seem so short.

Granddaughter Paityn cools off with some water. 

Nana and Brinley take a selfie....hey, Pop Pop got in it too!

• Porch Sitting!

It's perfect for that!


The Passion flower didn't do very good in the back of the house last year, so hubby planted it out front. This spot gets about the most sun as any.  Hope it grows and blooms!

I'm slowly gathering some plants for beds and pots. 

Coleus do great. 

Just came back from a greenhouse near us. I was pleasantly surprised with all the choices still available. 

 Now to figure out where all this is going!


Jean Stauffer said...

You're so ahead of me!!! No annuals at all yet!

The kids will love that gym set.

Mary Ellen said...

I went to Landisville greenhouse there on Stoney Battery Road on Wed. morning, There flowers were very nice. I now need a few more.
Mary Ellen

Mari said...

You had a good day! Love the flowers!

Mildred said...

How nice of the neighbor to help out and I love the play set. Our neighbor who just had the baby (and has a 2 yr old) is looking for just such a play set. I love your selection of flowers. You have such a lovely home, yard and porch and I am happy it is warm enough to enjoy the porch again!

Theresa said...

Oh that play set will get lots of use:) Can't wait to watch the little ones enjoy it! Pretty flowers will certainly be nice planted around your yard! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!