Tuesday, May 10, 2016

It's that kind of day....

A question to my blogger friends...

Do you ever feel like you should post SOMETHING but don't feel like you have anything blog worthy to post about 
Have an idea in your head but words just stumble about on the page (so you never finish it)
You know it will take too long to write the post so you won't start it 'now', then never get to it because it will always take too long!
Good grief, why post anything....I don't have any pictures to post!!
Oh shoot, I forgot to save what I was writing and now it's gone. That happens when I post from my phone which is where I usually post. 

I'm  somewhere in one or more of those points today. Sigh. 

One picture to share....remember the chairs I mentioned a week or so ago? Yesterday hubby got out a can of paint and transformed one of the chairs :)
The color is deeper teal than it shows here. We like it!

Sun and warmth is still mostly a nice thought. Just doesn't seem to come and stay but for a moment. Cloudy and 50's again today. Fighting the blahs.

I'm babysitting Noah a lot this week then a special sister weekend awaits in State College :) can't wait!!

God Bless your Tuesday! If you are where it's warm and sunny, please soak up some vitamin D for me!!


Jean Stauffer said...

That awesome chair is at least a bright spot. I love it!

You could do like me and post once a week with every picture you took all week, and it's so long most people don't have time to read it, hahaha!

Doris said...

Jeanie, I have not intended a once a week post but seems to be what I'm likely to do lately! I wouldn't remember what I did all week to post like you do!! And, it would be so long a post I'd NEVER get it done, haha!!

Karen said...

Yes, I have those days more and more often, it seems. The photo of the chair made me smile. My grandparents had chairs like that on their porch. Brings back happy memories! Have a great day.

Mari said...

Oh yes - I've been there!
When we bought our first house, the owner left lots of stuff behind. In the mess were a few of those chairs. We were young and foolish and got rid of them. We still regret that!
I love the color you painted them!

Theresa said...

OH YES, I sure do have those same kinda days! Love those chairs, I have some too:) Have a blessed day and weekend with the Sisters:) HUGS!


The blue chair is so charming. And to
your questions .... YES. All the time.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Yes, Doris, I think many fellow bloggers have similar thoughts about posts. I have a lot of ideas, but finding time to write them all done seems to be the problem. I only post from my desktop so that also limits my time. The chair looks very colorful and hope it is comfortable too.