Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Dining Room Table

We have a big dining room.....very nice for our BIG family! And the table is big. 

We only eat in that room on occasion. Here's why :)

It's coloring, drawing, cutting, crafting central!!

Zoe has her coloring kit (we gave it to her for Christmas) open and ready, always. The coloring books, markers and colored pencils that I gave to Christy, Christy gave to me and Christy's sister gave to her are all there too. We sit and color as our day allows and it's FUN!! 

I'm working on this one. I struggle with neatness. 

Aidan is working on this. He's doing such a nice job! 

These are Christy's beautiful pages...

Even our daughter Greta worked on a page!
She is way more neat than me!

Zoe works mostly in her coloring books 

As you can see, we enjoy this stuff :) 

On Saturday afternoon Zoe and I were at the table coloring and Zoe was telling me about perseverance. Now that's a big word for a little girl! She told me it takes perseverance to do your best in coloring. I asked her where she learned that word. She told me they talk about it in school. Very cool, sweet girl. 

So for now, unless we must eat at that table, we are just going to keep coloring, drawing, cutting, crafting! 


Lorraine said...

Beautiful. I love the adult coloring books. It is such a relaxing pasttime. And I love that you have a place where you can just let them out and available. I have a craft room where I can do that with all my cardmaking supplies and it's great to just pop in there and work!

Mildred said...

I have heard of so many friends who are enjoying the adult coloring books/pages. Looks like a lot of fun, but my tremors would not allow me to do it. Karen and her 6 yr old granddaughter enjoy coloring together on rainy afternoons.

Mari said...

I know so many people who are enjoying this. It intrigues me, but I haven't tried it yet. Perseverance - I love that!

Theresa said...

I love the coloring books and need to find mine:) I hope you are having a "better weather" time up there today! HUGS!