Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Our Baby Boy

Our baby boy insists on growing up. It's a good thing and such a pleasure to watch him do more new things.....but why does time have to go so crazy fast?? This baby will soon be a year old and Nana is hanging on to Baby as long as she can!!

For a long time he has been rolling to get where he wanted to go, then did the 'army crawl' (on stomach, pulling forward with his arms), now he's crawling on all fours :)

What you lookin' at??

He's such a delightful baby....totally has his Grandparents wrapped around his little finger!

Playing in the dirt is a favorite activity. He loves being outdoors!

He climbs!

Gotta see what's happening out there!

"Toys are fine, but seeing what I can discover while traveling is way more fun! See, I found a treasure...a stone :)"
Eyes constantly on him!!

Totally in love with this child. What a pleasure to live in the same house as he does. What a treasure to watch this boy grow up! I'm blessed beyond measure. 


Theresa said...

What a blessing to see him as he grows:) Have a blessed day dear Doris! I know you are enjoying each moment! HUGS!

Karen said...

Such a cute little guy. Yes, I can imagine he has you in the palm of his little hand!! They learn so much in the first year, don't they.

Mari said...

So cute! They grow far too fast!

Saimi said...

You are truly one lucky grandma! The changes a baby makes in their first year is incredible, it's great you get to see them first hand as he grows. He is a cutie pie!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Thanks, as always, Doris for sharing photos of your beautiful grandstand yes they do grow up so fast. I can imagine that within a few weeks you will show photos of him walking upright...it's coming soon!