Friday, April 15, 2016

April 15

April 15 is tax day. That part is for sure but, as I'm sure you already know, we have until Monday this year to file. Christy has worked so hard to get all our taxes finished for us......we are so grateful!

April 15 is also my brother, Dick, and my sister, Barb, birthdays! I'm borrowing a picture my sister, Jean, posted on FB this morning....
Dick is 70 today and Barb is 61. 
Between them are sisters, Mary Ellen and Jean, and me. 

Barb lives in Idaho. She and her husband were in our area all week helping his parents move to a retirement community and getting their house ready to be sold. It was a busy week for them. Late this morning Mary Ellen and I met them at Dairy Queen for some ice cream and as much conversation as we could fit in 30 minutes or so!! Never fear, we got a lot said =)

We all got strawberry sundaes. Mm, good!

Barb and John will head back home in a Budget truck containing precious memories and mementoes from John's parents. God Bless them with safe travels! Idaho is far away; riding in a rental truck could make it feel even more distant! 

This afternoon it still felt a bit chilly on the screened porch even though it's a nice day. So I decided to fill my green bucket with warm water and soap and wash the table and chairs on the deck....the sun felt good! The little bugs, oh my. They are alive and well and just seemed to appreciate my presence way too much, haha!

The job got done and I'm now enjoying the sun and swatting bugs! 

I'm hoping, hoping for lilacs!!

I took this picture of Noah and me sometime this week. 
He would not smile! 

But he smiled for this one :)

And with his sister,

Here's crazy big brother having fun with some twisty things from a kids meal...

He said he could be ModernEYES mascot!!
Too funny!
ModernEYES is the optical business that his mom works for and his uncle is part owner.....he may have a good thought there, don't you think??!

Our weather is to be perfect this weekend. I aim to enjoy! 

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