Wednesday, March 9, 2016


You will soon see more pictures of flowers....but first, let tell you about today. 

It is a beautiful day! It's in the high seventy's, a blue sky with a few white clouds and a slight breeze. Oh, I'm loving it!!

Right there...that's my happy place!

So lovely!

Ok,now for the flower pictures :) I borrowed some from my sil, Nancy. 

This cute little cottage, aww!

There were animals....

So cool!

There were LOTS of people!

Me, my cousin Joanne, my sister Mary Ellen. 

That's my sil, Nancy, in bright blue. She took hundreds of photos!

Besides the National Parks displays, there were all kinds of beautiful arrangements. 

There was a children's display...
Took this for Aidan

Took this for Zoe. 

I found whatever this was to be very interesting!

These flowers remind me of Marcy's wedding. Love the flowers, love the memory!

Now for the unexpected parts of our day. The driver of our coach (there were 3 coaches, we were in the last of the three) told us to expect the possibility of delays on our drive to Philadelphia...traffic, detours, etc. Wouldn't you know, not too many miles down the road, there was an accident and we were detoured to a very narrow and very back road! Lots of traffic going around that accident on this very narrow glad I wasn't driving that big bus!!! The first detour certainly delayed our arrival time. But we got there safely and we had sufficient time to see what we wanted to see. All was well. Pick up time was 3:15 at the spot we were dropped off. Lots of busses loading, pulling out, others pulling in to do the same. Finally we saw our 3 busses but there wasn't room to pull to the curb for pick up. Double parking it was....we crossed between two big coaches to enter worked and all were safe :)

Leaving the Convention center, our busses were going to make a right turn. The lead driver decided to go straight instead. Our bus was prepared to make a wide turn, taking up two lanes, but of course we went straight ahead instead when the light turned. We were blocks down the street when a passenger in the back said, Sir, you hit a car back there. You took the front end off.  Our driver was shocked, as many of us were, because he/ we hadn't any idea! None! Some said they heard a scrape but thought it was probably the curb. The woman on the bus that witnessed it told him she thought he knew....knew but kept have got to be kidding me!! He got out of the bus, and yes, there was indeed damage on the right rear. To make a long story short, he called his people to report it, told the other two drivers not to wait, a passenger on our bus knew Philadelphia very well and got us back to the scene, we waited about an hour for all the reports to be made with the police, we departed the city smack dab in rush hour traffic, got back to our destination two hours late. But, we got there safely, our driver was a gem....and he would be driving to the flower show again on Thursday! Lucky guy :) it was his first accident and he is a seasoned driver. Oh, and the car he hit (the car probably saw the space in the lane needed for the wide turn and snuck in beside the bus where the driver didn't see....not a good idea!) was a rental , lost a headlight and had damage to the side and front but certainly was not as bad as the person on our bus first reported. No one was injured. Thank God!

Whew, long post!

I enjoyed the day tremendously and would do it again another year. Yes I would! 


joanne said...

Well done you truly should write a book. It was a lovely day.

Jean Stauffer said...

Oh my goodness!! I had no idea you had all that drama yesterday!! God bless anyone who is willing to be a bus driver!

The flower pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I was there just one time, I think in 1987! I think it might have been with my Stauffer sister-in-laws, but I'm not completely sure about that. Not sure I even took pictures. What???? That was definitely pre-blog, hahaha!! And pre-digital camera.

Kathy said...

I'm hoping to get to the Flower Show tomorrow or Saturday. I haven't been in several years. Everyone says it's wonderful. Your pictures are great.

What a time with the bus! Oh my! So glad no one was hurt.

Doris said...

Oh, Kathy, do go! I enjoyed it so much....even the crowds of people didn't bother me. I do hope to go again some year.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Not a great way to end what looked like a good day with flowers and family, Doris. Spring certainly is here in these photos. Glad all ended well.

Theresa said...

OH MY... SO many beautiful flowers! I know you had a wonderful day! Not a fun time for the bus driver and his first accident but thankful you all made it safely! Enjoy your day dear Doris, sending HUGS and SMILES to you!