Monday, February 22, 2016

Snippets from our Weekend

This will be a post of random pictures. We had a busy weekend so I'll just show you highlights today. 

My mother's last living sister passed away last week. Her memorial service was on Saturday. It was sad to say goodby to the one who most resembles my mom, but so sweet to see so many of the Myers family! (Aunt Alma felt like a connection to my mom since she passed away at the young age of 59). Many cousins attended the service and we gathered for a picture!

42 first cousins in, not a bad representation at all!

Our son-in-law, Lynn, gave the message at church on Sunday. (Lynn is Greta's hubby and dad to Carson) A friend took this picture and posted on FB...
He did a fabulous job! This is only the first of many, I'm sure.

Our sweetheart, Miss Zoe, had a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. She will be 6 this week. What a fun time we had!

I borrowed this pic from friend,'s perfect!

More pictures from the party another day. 

Amber also took pictures of me with Noah....I didn't know until I saw them on FB. I'll post this one because.... clearly shows how much I love this baby! I cannot kiss his little head enough!! I'm glad he doesn't seem to mind :))

My Monday needs to get's to a great week! Blessings!


joanne said...

A busy weekend indeed. I was so glad to see so many at the service. I praise the Lord for my extended family. It's a beautiful thing to have our grandchildren.

Theresa said...

I am sorry to hear of your loss:( I know you all gave a wonderful tribute to her! Love the group picture, nothing sweeter than family gathering in LOVE! Wonderful party time too and OH my what sweet little ones you have in your life! Enjoy your week dear Doris, BIG HUGS!

Linda Eller said...

God bless you and your extended family as you grieve. That sweet baby looks happy to have your 'loving'.

Mari said...

You had all kinds of emotions. Glad you could make it to your aunts funeral.
I love the picture of you and Noah!

Jean Stauffer said...

Yea for Lynn!!! I can imagine how well he would do at public speaking. I do love that pic of you and Noah. I can hardly wait to have a grandbaby nearby again.