Monday, December 28, 2015

Our Christmas

Things are settling down post Holiday. Time to post some pictures!

It was very warm this Christmas. I spent as much time on my porch as I could. Loved it!

This was our 'white' Christmas this year...dense fog!

Peaceful Christmas morning. 

Ellen was pleased with her stocking gifts!

Aidan and Zoe had a great time discovering what was in all those packages!

Precious times. 

Our big family gathering wasn't until 4p. There was time to enjoy the gifts, more food prep, some porch sitting, clean up...before the troops descended upon this place :)

Dinner was the usual....
Chicken Cordon Bleu, ham, sour cream mashed potatoes, baked corn, honey glazed carrots, cranberry salad, fruit salad and lots and lots and lots of cookies! Oh, and Sherbet punch and coffee punch. 

Thankful for enough room to seat everyone together. 

After dinner and cleanup, time for gifts!

The kids love this part!

The adults do too! Ellen was just thrilled with her yellow Jeff Gordon apron!

We exchange names. There is always at least one incredibly funny gift. This year it was a gift from Lynn to Scott. I don't have pictures. We laughed so hard as Scott read each note then opening the gift....there were several. Most of the gifts came from Goodwill and were hilarious. The last one, a gift card, was bolted into a metal box that Lynn put together. Scott had to take it apart with the wrenches from his first gift with a note that he may need them in the near future! So funny! and clever!

Everyone was tired by the end of this wonderful day....bed was a welcome site! 

My closet looked so empty without all the gifts that had been gathering there! (After dropping off a bag of clothes at Goodwill, it will be even more empty!)

Saturday morning I tried do do some cleanup....and found several forgotten items that belonged to kids and grandkids! I decided to drop off the items belonging to Marcy's family since I had to go out anyway. Of course I had to snap pictures of their beautiful tree and fireplace decorations!

The family picture was taken on Christmas Day at the Smith family brunch. 

Sunday was church then to SIL, Nancy's, house for the Fahnestock family all-day Christmas celebration. It's always a great time! I didn't take pictures of the food (an abundance!) or the tables.

 The children always enjoy this part so much....the gifts! Again, I didn't snap many pictures. 

Still a joy to watch! 

The absence of Grandma Fahnestock was keenly felt this Christmas. She always enjoyed being with her family. 

It's cloudy today.....again.....but cooler. I'm so ready to see the sun! Looks like it will be until later in the week before the sun makes it's appearance through those stubborn clouds. 

Happy Monday to you!


Linda Eller said...

I can tell from all the pictures that you definitely had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for sharing with us.

Theresa said...

No sunshine here today either:( I am ready to see the sun and NO RAIN for a while! Too bad, rain is in our forecast yet again! Love seeing all of your pictures, family gatherings and BIG family dinner! Enjoy your week and New Year ahead! BIG HUGS to you my friend!

Mildred said...

Your photo collages are really pretty! Such good times and special memories made! You are truly blessed to be surrounded by loving family and joyful little ones. Love you and wish you a happy new year.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Looks like yet another fun-filled family get together, Doris. Thanks for sharing your holiday with fellow bloggers. We also had good times with family in CT and RI and I will post photos soon.