Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A few pictures, hope they make you smile :-)

It's been a full week so far....normal!

His cuteness is feeling just fine again. Thanks for your prayers!

Time for a post but.....what to post about??

Inspiration is slow.....brain trying to store too much??


So, here are two pictures. They made me smile, maybe you too :-)

Sunday morning-

We had a guest speaker, a friend of our pastor. He's a very interesting speaker and delivered a thoughtful and challenging message. He had props for illustration.....asked for volunteers. Oh no, who would volunteer since the kids had children's church this morning and were not present. Ahh, let that up to my two sons-in-law!!

Lynn and Scott are each wearing a stained shirt under the white robe. It demonstrates how Jesus restores us to be heirs, His sons and daughters! 

The point was very clear, but I couldn't help but giggle. These guys are awesome, but look at Lynn! He looks like he's stuffed in that thing and can't wait to get out!! (Or he's probably roasting hot!!)

Tuesday dinner -
I made a favorite soup for dinner, chicken corn noodle. Sometimes (almost always) Zoe takes a long time to eat. We were all finished and Aidan had some applesauce I also had made for dinner. Zoe wanted some too, of course, but had to be encouraged to keep eating her soup before getting some.

Zoe says, Look what I made with the noodles I dropped....

She spelled Mom!! 
We cracked up! 

Life is interesting. Life is fun. Almost always. 

Sure, we are facing a tough world. We struggle with real life stuff happening right here (unemployment for my hubby, for one). 

But, I never want to miss 
the interesting, 
the fun, 
the amazing,
the beautiful, 
the goodness 

that is all around me. God is good all the time.

God Bless your Wednesday! 
(Haircut for me today, yea!!)


Jean Stauffer said...

Great post, Doris! Noah is so precious!! And Zoe's spelling with noodles is hilarious!

Yes, the good and the bad happen right along side each other - always.

I haven't posted in over a week. My schedule is CRAZY right now.

Theresa said...

I need my hair done too:) I think we are on the same schedule as always! Love that sweet little one making MOM with the noodles! Cute Son-in-law helpers too, hehe... so sweet of them to help! Have a blessed day and thankful Noah is feeling better! HUGS!

Linda Eller said...

I seem to have a hard time with something to post these days too. All I hear on the news is discouraging, but at the end of it all, I know Christ will still reign over all. Noah is so cute, and I love the spelling of MOM with the noodles. Children just light up our lives dont they? Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Noah is growing/changing so fast. How sweet.
I love that Zoe "used" her noodles to spell!
Sending love and prayers to you and yours.

Mari said...

Noah is so cute! So is the noodle spelling. Your SIL's are good sports!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Sometimes, the simple and everyday happenings are the best things to share, Doris. Glad to see that Noah is feeling better.

Susan said...

Love this post, Doris... we'rein the middle of "real" here too, and still God is always good. I agree with your friend Linda Eller ... sometimes it's just hard to write a post with so much happening in our world (and family).... so glad Noah is better & Zoe is such a sweetheart!