Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Day: Feast and Family

The bunch that sat around our table this Thanksgiving Day involved family from two different groups. It was delightful! 

My brother, Dick, and his wife, Nancy, joined us as did my sister, Mary Ellen. The others were from the Scott family, DIL Christy's parents, Ralph and Karen, and their granddaughter, Ryley; her brother and family, Ralph and Katie, Gavin and Ainsley. 

Christy prepared the turkey. A whole turkey is in that roaster and a breast will go into an oven. It was delicious!! (And at this point, almost completely gone!)

Photos from around our table:

As you can see, we had an abundance of food! It was all so good. 

I had misplaced my phone for a while. By the time I found it, the kids were already playing. It was a beautiful day so they spent lots of time outdoors. 

After the dinner is the cleanup. 

Mary Ellen and Nancy did all the dishes that didn't fit into the dishwasher. Huge blessing!!

Katie and Christy talking while putting things away. 

Some of the guys watch football. 

Nancy was itching to relax on this chair. I made coffee for Mary Ellen and me and we all relaxed in the living room. Delightful!

Christy's dad loves our porch and because of the nice day, he relaxed there.  The women eventually invaded his space and the poor guy ended up snapping pictures of us!

Mary Ellen noted on a FB post that WE were the older generation of this gathering. How did we become that?!! Totally blows me away =)

Christy's parents stayed after everyone left. Ryley was having so much fun with Aidan and Zoe. We relaxed and talked and enjoyed the fire. 

It was a wonderful day and so worth all the preparation. Gathering around a table filled with delicious food that was prepared with doesn't get much better than that! Thanks, Scott family and Witmer family, for joining us! 


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

This is truly what Thanksgiving is all about and what makes it so special...good friends and famiku, great home cooked food, and shared good time together. We are thankful too that we were able to visit during our weekend famiky get together in PA.

Linda Eller said...

We had the same kind of day and it was special because our entire family, inlaws, children and all, were with us. So thankful for another year together. The clean up crew will get a special crown some day!

Anonymous said...

Love these pics. It's nice to see everyone together having such a grand time. The porch, the yard, the happy you love your new home!

White Lace and Promises said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. That table! Oh my goodness! Mama's table had 3 leaves and was almost that big. Oh how I miss those days.

Theresa said...

Wonderful time with family, lots of good food and a little nap afterwards:) Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving! Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!

Jean Stauffer said...

What a perfect house in which to have a great big group. Especially the room to have such a long table! And so cool that you could combine several families! The weather this year was just amazing!!