Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2

Today I'm thankful for


Our oldest Grand (on Left) lives in Baltimore. She is married and is a Mom. We don't see her much but, thanks to Facebook it's very easy to keep in touch. We are so proud of the young woman she has become. Love you, Laurencia!!

This sweetie is our Great-grand. He is an energetic boy who keeps his mommy on her toes =) I don't get to hug him enough but I certainly do enjoy hearing of his antics through FB posts. Love him SOOO much!

He is not too cool to have fun with his young cousins. He's a college student and hopes to be a police officer some day. How I LOVE this young man!!

This beautiful girl is in second grade. She loves to be busy and is involved in many activities. She's also a big helper to her family. Paityn, I Love you SO much!

As you can see, Aidan is a big helper, too. He loves his baby brother SO much! Aidan loves to read....he will stay awake way past bedtime to finish a book! (Just like his Nana!)  I Love you, Aidan!

This girl. She is sweet x 100. She loves to draw pictures and color. We get many picture gifts from her....daily! Zoe, how I love you!

This little whirlwind is 4 today!! Happy Birthday to you, Brinley!! She is always on the go. She loves Princesses. She loves to change clothes...many times a day. She's not big on eating except for cheese and potato chips :) Oh how I love this peanut!

Does that great smile make you smile too? Oh my, I'm so in love with this boy!! He is walking, so cute! He likes to say, Hot! And Moo when asked what a cow says. What a delightful child. 

This baby is a daily source of Joy for me...for everyone!! When we said 'Yes' to living with our son and his family, I never imagined it would also include a baby one day. How I love this baby! 

My Grands bring me great joy. So thankful for this blessing!


Mari said...

Beautiful kids! (But I don't think you're old enough to be a great grandma!) They are each a blessing!
Happy Birthday to Brinley!

From the Kitchen said...

Precious children! Thanks for sharing them.


Theresa said...

Oh YES, don't we love them to pieces:) OH SO CUTE, each and every one! My THREE in Knoxville are far in distance but close in my heart AND I get to see them this weekend! Have a blessed day dear Doris, HUGS!

Linda Eller said...

Your grands are just that - GRAND! I loved my children beyond belief, but these grands are at the top of the stack for sure.