Saturday, October 31, 2015

Proud Moment, Proud Mama

Seeing our Ellen live her dream is a proud moment for us. Last evening the high school age (and beyond, as our girl is) UDS cheerleaders were invited to cheer with the Donegal HS cheerleaders at their last regular season game. What a fun time for them!

These girls are happy to cheer!

All smiles!

She loves the pink bow they gave her!

They joined the DHS girls for the third quarter.

There's Ellen walking to her spot :) She loved the pink poms!!

You bet she's ready!

We were not sitting at a good spot to get clear pictures of her this year. I had to zoom so none are very clear, sadly. 

Too quickly the third quarter was over...
But a group pic is a must!

This is the best program....such love and devotion to our special girls, it's Amazing!

Treats and hot chocolate after they finished....

Oh, Ellen....

That's better!

Look what was in the local newspaper this morning - 

Our sweetheart didn't get in this shot, but

A proud Mama, I am!


Mary Ellen said...

I love seeing the opportunities Ellen and other special needs kids have. So great that the cheer leading continues.
I really like your header photo.

Doris said...

Mary Ellen, the header pic is from last year....the trees are getting close to that far gone. Wish they would be pretty all winter!!

Linda Eller said...

So glad everyone had fun at the ballgame.

Mari said...

I love this! So glad Ellen got to take part in this. I can see from the smiles that everyone had a great time!

Vintage Girl 901 said...

You certainly can tell that Ellen is a leader. She is beautiful! What pride!