Saturday, October 24, 2015

Good Friends, Fun Times

Our girl Ellen has quite the social life since she stopped working evenings at Goodwill. She does activities with two groups for special needs teens and young adults.....Aaron's Acres and Shreiber Club 625. She also attended Journey's (a group for special adults held at a church near us) one time. 

Last evening Club 625 sponsored a dance at Shreiber Pediatric Rehab Center. It's always fun to go there and reminisce taking Ellen at age 2 for PT.  We walk down the hall and pass rooms where she did different activities/exercises. Some she enjoyed and some she bulked at....or would not do! Anyway, back to now and the dance....

Ellen with her good friend Nicole. 

While Ellen danced, we filled our water jugs at the usual place along Columbia Ave. then went next door to Columbia Diner for dinner. We have never eaten there before. The food was good and our server was so sweet and friendly. We didn't have dessert there but went down the street to Wendy's for a Frosty. Yum and cheap :) The 79 cent snack size is just enough for me!

We then went back to Shreiber to get our girl. She had a great time! All seven girls in her girlfriend group were, of course!

Waiting for the Angel (Elizabeth) to arrive....

She's here! Everyone smile :))

Cookie Monster Emily
Dorothy Bri
Minnie Mouse Marisa
'I don't do Costumes!' Ellen
Indiana Jones Nicole
Pirate Sahrena
Angel Elizabeth 

Good Friends, Fun Times!


Linda Eller said...

Fun, fun, fun all around. Such cute costumes.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

It's great that these young women can get together and share fun times.

Jean Stauffer said...

What fun!! I love it!