Monday, October 19, 2015

A Party, A Hayride, Family

Weekends are busy in this house. This past weekend involved a birthday party, a hayride, and family. 

A Party 

Ellen's friend, Emily, is turning 18. Her party was on Saturday afternoon. It's always wonderful to be with this group of friends and their fabulous moms.

They decorated bags with stickers. 

They had so much fun and were very creative. It was easy to see their interests....each bag said "me".

We ate lunch -

The very pretty Birthday Girl!

Yummy grilled hot dogs....these girls love them!

Games -

Working together :)

Two moms join the fun. 

The blindfolded friend tries to identify the 'oink'! These girls were very good at this!

Maureen prepares the next game. 

They fill their containers with mini marshmallows using chopsticks!

Time for gifts!

Candy....always a hit!

Emily reads the card. 

Emily LOVES dogs!

A tiny puppy!

She reads the card from Ellen

It's a puppy hooded bathrobe and puppy socks :)


We sing:
Happy Birthday to you, Dear Emily!

Blow, Emily, blow!

Oh so good!


What fun!!

Posing for a group picture :)

Thank you, Emily, for inviting us to your party. We had a blast!
(Elizabeth and Terry, you were missed!)

A Hayride

Saturday evening was our church's hayride. It was cold!! I almost didn't go. Sitting by the fire is where I hayride for me!

Roasted hot dogs over a fire....yum!

We have the nicest little grove behind our church. There's a pavilion and a fire pit...actually three fire pits. There were others that stayed behind too. I had great company!


My helpers to make a cake Sunday afternoon :). Aren't they the cutest?

Family is the Best

Family together on a Sunday evening is the norm around here. 

We made soup and ate every bit of it! Of course, they ate cake, too! And ice cream! Ice cream on Sunday is a must have :)

I love my family! 

God Bless your day!


Linda Eller said...

I know you love your family - your words and pictures tell it loud and clear. What a blessing you have. The party looked like so much fun.

Mari said...

You packed the weekend full of fun! The party looks like a great time and I can see the girls were enjoying themselves.
I would have stayed by the fire too.

Mary Ellen said...

Your weekend was full of fun things!

Theresa said...

What a fun time with friends! Those girls always have smiles when they are together! It sure looks like you all had a chilly and busy weekend! Enjoy your day dear Doris! HUGS!

Jean Stauffer said...

I just love that Ellen and her friends have such fun times together!

I can't imagine sitting outside on Saturday. It was such a raw day.

You're so blessed to have all your family nearby. I can't imagine what that would be like.