Monday, September 14, 2015

A Party and some Soccer Players

Granddaughter Paityn has been 8 years old since August 28. She had a party with friends but her family party wasn't until Saturday. Sometimes schedules are like that. We enjoyed celebrating with her!

After enjoying a delicious dinner (chili, pizza, fresh veggies, fresh salsa, fresh fruit), it was time for gifts! 

Cousins Aidan, Zoe and Nolan; sister Brinley watch as she opens the first gift. 

Neat top in another gift. 
Aidan is cleaning up the paper by stuffing it in his shirt! Crazy kid :)
Did you see Carson joining the fun?

Cousin Maelyn comes to see what all the fuss is about!

She seems thrilled with this gift from us. 

It's a bulletin board for her bedroom! Her mommy told me she really wanted one. 

And something else for our girl....
We had given her an apron and chef hat a long time ago. She outgrew, of course we gave her a new one! Have fun creating lots of goodies with Mommy, Paityn! Hope you can join me and your cousins in our kitchen someday soon, too!

She blows out the candles! 

What is it with kids and licking off the icing from the birthday candles?? I know I always liked to do it too when I was a kid!

It was a fun time. Thanks for inviting us to your party, Paityn!

Soccer has started. Three of our Grands are playing. Here's two of them in their uniforms....

Paityn is on a traveling team. That's a fancy uniform!
(Photo borrowed from FB post)

Sweet little Brinley! How cute is she?? 
(Photo borrowed from FB post)

Aidan plays as well but I haven't taken a picture of him yet. 

We had so much rain on Saturday again. And with the rain came cooler temps. Yesterday afternoon I felt chilly as I sat on the porch. That seemed strange!!

Cooler weather and I find myself wishing for a kettle of soup or a big pot of chili! Yum!

God Bless your day, my friends!


Theresa said...

What a fun time for Paityn:) I love celebrating with family and I know you do too! SWEET little Soccer players, a great sport that keeps them on the move! Have a blessed cool day! I have soup in my crock-pot:) HUGS!

Linda E said...

Thank you for letting us 'come to the party' in pictures. They are such precious children. Soccer is so good for them, and good exercise.

Jean Stauffer said...

Fun from beginning to end! I can hardly imagine Brinley on a soccer field!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Another fun-filled family event complete with presents and cake.

Vintage Girl 901 said...

I'm sure she enjoyed the gifts more a week later. Birthday all over again! Those cuties just melt my heart. Love photos of our children.