Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Work Saturday and Family Sunday and a Work Monday

Saturday morning I went to an Amish farm near us to purchase flowers to plant. I buy them, tell hubby where to plant them, and he takes it from there. He has the green thumb in this family :) We have lots of shade here so buying annuals is a whole different task from where we lived previously. 

The blue pots contain a coleus, a begonia, a tiny white frilly flower (haven't a clue what it is but it did good last year!) and a green plant that I hope grows over the side of the pot. As you can tell, I am not a gardener!

I bought a bunch of impatiens. The beds need some mulch. Hoping to see lots of color this summer! I love lots of color. 

I also went to Lowe's to buy hanging baskets for the porch and a  perennial  for a bed at the back of the house. 

It was a busy day. 

Well, someone HAD to do this ;-) I offered and enjoyed every moment!

Sunday was a special day too. I was asked to sing at Pleasant View Rerirement Community for their worship service. That's where I used to work. It's been a few years since I've sung there. My friend Elsie knows the new pastor and she told her to contact me. It was so good to be there! 

I visited with several residents after the service. One lady is 97 and almost blind now. We didn't chat long until she asked me if I remember what she asked me to do for her. I do remember! Years ago she asked me to sing at her funeral. And I said I would. All these years later and she remembers that.

 I also visited with a lady who had been our neighbor from the time I was a little girl. We had the best time visiting! I told her I remember when she moved to PV. I told her that she said her room was missing only one thing. I was surprised and asked her what that would be. She said, it's missing my Harry. Her dear hubby had passed away and she misses him to this day. 

I didn't get to visit everyone I would have liked to. Ellen had a baseball game and I needed to get home. 

Ellen is up to bat!

She swings.....

She runs.....

She gets a High Five from Lance. 
So thrilled for her to have this activity!

Later, the kids gathered at our house. 

Brinley wanted to do our hair :) she is all set up to get to work. Love it!

She works on Aunt Kimmy :) 

The kids eat and watch a movie. Or watch Carson. 

My family blesses me!

Monday was another work at home day....

Really, someone must do this! And I will NEVER tire of it! 

Blessing to you, my friends!


Mildred said...

Sweet and fun photos of the children. I love the last photo that shows baby Noah's little feet! Wonderful to be able to visit and sing where you once worked. I know your presence was so welcome by those residents.

Linda E said...

You had a really good weekend. Your flowers all look so nice and as they mature, will be even better. Glad you got to the softball game, and that work....precious!

Jean Stauffer said...

I love it that you got to go back to PV to sing.

Dick has gotten a whole bunch of mulch that he's slowly putting into place. So far we just have perennials. So many, many of them that he has been splitting them up and throwing lots away. Seems like a shame. But they just multiply like crazy every year.

TammyLB said...

I can't say I pity you for the "work" you had to do!! But, like you said, somebody had to do it!! You are a blessed woman!

From the Kitchen said...

I greatly admire you for taking on that onerous and daunting task of letting that sweet baby sleep on you!!


Barb said...

Being a Nana sure has it's perks!! I'm sure your flowers will look beautiful. How nice of your hubby to do the work for you!

Theresa said...

Oh GIRL... I don't blame you for loving on that little baby, somebody has to do it:) Sweet times with the family are so precious to me too! Go Ellen! I know that she is gong to have a wonderful Summer! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Susan said...

You are such a sweet Nana ... and the "sacrifices" you must make to hold your grandbabies {{wink :: wink}} .... ahhhhhh, yes, "somebody" has to do it :) Dan & I are in the process of lots of yard work & projects that have been put on hold for the past several years (yes, all at once now from us holding our grands over the past few years!) Have a wonderful family weekend!