Thursday, May 14, 2015


Pictures of my family...who else? I'm kinda crazy about them :)

Sunday, May 10 -

Baby Carson is on the move! He's such a happy, delightful baby. 

He loves his mama!

Aidan and Paityn enjoy dinner on the porch. They are best friends!

Miss Brinley loves costumes! She is so precious....and a busy girl! Zoe is always singing. She's singing a bumblebee song she learned in preschool. Precious!

While some of the guys watched the kids play in the front yard, the girls gather around the kitchen table to talk. We always have the best blesses me tremendously. 

Flowers and more for Mother's Day -

My son gave me these flowers. I love them!

A collection of plants, some from church and one from Paityn and family.  Gotta buy some dirt and get them in a pot. 

Paityn picked out this beautiful necklace for me. I love it!!

And one more picture -

Baby Noah. He is 1 week old. Love him to pieces!!

God Bless your day! 


Anonymous said...

Oh, these pictures melt my heart! Carson and Noah are adorable. Lovely to see the children enjoying the porch again. Looks like a wonderful time of fellowship for the women around the kitchen table too.

Jean Stauffer said...

Is that Zoe on the porch with Aiden? It looks more like Paityn. Adorable pictures of them all. Love the flowers.

Doris said...

Oops, Jeanie....I'm even getting the wrong names in print!! I'm hopeless ;-) fixed it...

Linda E said...

Family is what it is all about around here too. Thanks for sharing your precious pictures.

TammyLB said...

what a precious family!!

Mari said...

You are blessed for sure! What a beautiful family!

Susan said...

Beautiful family with many beautiful moments.... brings back many memories of my childhood growing up with all my cousins around me. I know you savor every moment with *all* your kids... wishing you a blessed weekend with many more beautiful family moments, dear friend :-)

Theresa said...

Lovely gifts and little ones:) They just don't stay little long enough to suit me! Enjoy your day dear Doris, HUGS!